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Vype is becoming Vuse. We are creating a global brand.

When we launched Vype in 2013, we aimed to inspire consumers with high quality vapour devices and flavors as well as exciting experiences.

As the world around us is constantly changing, so we decided to become a global brand that is already enjoyed by 2.5 million consumers around the world and that is why we are changing our name to Vuse. Vuse, as a global brand will continue to offer you the best quality, the most advanced technology, innovative design and new flavors faster than ever.

Except for a new name & new look, everything else remains the same (same taste, same quality, same product).

The new innovative design of consumable packages helps to make easier the identification of our different flavors.

Vype has started the gradual transition to Vuse since 14/12/2020.

You will begin to see successively this change in points of sale with new packages of devices and flavors.

The change will take place in all markets that have Vuse.

In fact, Greece is one of the first countries in Europe. A global brand to better serve our consumers.

Our consumers can buy Vuse products from the same places where Vuse is supplied,

such as Nobacco & eCommerce stores, and retail outlets throughout Greece.

Vuse products will also be available on vuse.com from the end of February.

No, our consumers will continue to enjoy the same unique taste they are used to.

Consumers will be informed through communication material (onsert) that has already been placed in the packages of Vuse pods,

but also from various materials at points of sale (Nobacco stores & e-commerce & retail points) as well as leaflets that are available at all points of sale.

Advanced technology & high quality, renewed packaging, new flavors, new limited-edition devices faster than ever.

  • To get the most from your Vuse ePen, please follow the instructions for use as stated on the information leaflet:
  • Only charge your Vuse ePen with the charging accessories provided in the starter kit or Vuse charging accessories.
  • Only use your Vuse ePen with Vuse ePen pods
  • Keep your Vuse ePen, charging accessories and pods dry when in storage and during use, as precipitation, humidity or moisture can damage your devices electronics.
  • The recommended storage temperature for Vuse products is between 0-25°C. Your Vuse ePen is only suitable for operation between 0-40°C. If your device is operated outside of this temperature range it may get damaged or stop working.

You can clean the Vuse ePen with a dry cloth because you should always ensure you avoid getting any liquid near the battery. Additionally, you can use wet wipes such as anti-bacterial or baby wipes to clean off any dirt from the tip.

Please pull out the formed plastic tray and on the underside,
you will find the USB cable.

A fully charged ePen should last you all day but this will depend on your usage/vaping behaviour.

No, the power on Vuse ePen has been optimally set for you.

There are two available colours: Black and Blue

The e-liquids do not contain dyes, and the dyes used in the ePen materials are suitable for food contact applications.

If your ePen 3device is shown to be faulty within six months of purchase, we will replace it subject to our terms and conditions.

Vuse retains the right to repair/replace any products at our discretion during this warranty period.

There could be several reasons, all of which are designed for either safety
reasons or to save battery charge:

  • After 10 minutes of inactivity Vuse ePen will automatically shut down.
  • If the button is pressed down for longer than 8 seconds Vuse ePen will
    automatically shut down. This is a safety feature in case of accidental
    activation for instance in your pocket.
  • Your Vuse ePen battery has run out of charge, you need to place it on charge.

The overall dimensions of the Vuse ePen (with the pod inserted to the device) are: 123 mm (length) x 18mm (deep) x 27mm (width).

Vuse ePen has been ergonomically designed to feel comfortable in the hand.

To make this possible we have used a lightweight plastic with a tactile, soft-touch finish.

A well maintained, regularly used Vuse ePen device should last at least 12 months, before the battery efficiency begins to deteriorate (after repeated charge/discharge cycles, Lithium-ion batteries start to lose charge capacity, but this will depend on your personal vaping behaviour). Keeping your Vuse ePen battery charged will help to maintain the battery life.

Replacement will depend on your usage patterns. Your Vuse ePen device should last for about 300 full charge/discharge cycles, before the battery efficiency begins to deteriorate (after repeated charge/discharge cycles, Lithium-ion batteries start to lose charge capacity, but this will depend on your personal vaping behaviour).

After this period the Vuse ePen device can still be used but it may require charging more frequently. Keeping your Vuse ePen battery charged will help to maintain the battery life.

Your Vuse ePen is designed and manufactured with high quality materials and components, which can be recycled and reused.
Electrical goods and batteries should not be disposed of as part of regular household waste, but should be separately collected for recovery and recycling.

We are committed to minimising the impact Vuse products have on the environment.

Vuse ePen pods

Each Vuse ePen cap delivers over 200 puffs in laboratory testing. But the number of puffs depends upon your vaping behaviour.

  • Your Vuse ePen stops producing vapour.
  • You notice deterioration in the taste or quality of the vapour.
  • The indicator light flashes white five times during puffing. This indicates when Vuse ePen 3 is producing dry puffs that are a clear sign that the pod has run out of liquid and should be replaced.

Each pod includes 2.0ml of liquid and has 3 different nicotine levels:

  • 6mg/ml
  • 12mg/ml
  • 18mg/ml

Propylene glycol (PG), glycerol (VG), water, nicotine and

carefully selected flavourings formulated specifically for the Vuse ePen device to offer a satisfying vapour experience.

The Vuse ePen pod contain both.

We have learned that has to be a balance of VG to PG to produce a balanced vapour
(in terms of mouth feel/ mouthful of vapour and visible exhaled vapour)

(If the consumer insists on this: the approximate balance is: 50%VG - 50%PG.)

All our flavour ingredients have been checked for known allergens.

However, even if Vuse eLiquids will not result in allergic reactions in the vast majority of people, some people can be very sensitive to some ingredients.

We therefore let consumers know if any such ingredients are included in the formulation, even if at levels as low as 0.1%,

so consumers who know themselves to be sensitive can choose not to use that product.

Vuse ePen eLiquid is made in the UK.

Each Vuse ePen refill pack contains 2 Vuse ePen pods.

No, the Vuse ePen pod is not designed for refilling.

No nicotine product can be described as absolutely safe.

Each flavour we select has been subjected to a rigorous testing regime.
Each one is screened, and tested to replicate consumer use, and we analyse
what is in the vapour that is inhaled. Any ingredients that do not pass our
toxicological safety assessment are rejected.

Vuse ePen pods carry the quality hallmark, ‘tested for vapour quality’.
Behind it our team of scientists working in our state-of-the-art research and development facilities in the UK have rigorously tested the quality of Vuse
vapour to bring you purity, taste and consistency with every puff.

If it’s still in its packaging, it should be fine. If it’s been removed from its packaging,
after this time there may be a slight loss in the intensity of flavour.

Vuse capsules are compatible with all Vype ePen devices, as well as Vype capsules with Vuse devices.

Yes, the no-spill design of the Vuse ePen pods means you can remove
it very easily and quickly to change flavours.


For optimal performance, your Vuse ePen should be fully charged before first use.

To charge your Vuse ePen, attach the supplied USB charging cable to the micro
USB port on the base of the Vuse ePen.

Connect the other end of the USB charging cable to the USB port of a computer
or use a compatible Vuse wall or car charger.

When charging, the LED on the Vuse ePen will show the following indicator light, depending on its current battery charge level.

Pulsing Red: Your battery is less than 10% charged or empty.

Solid Red: Your battery charge level is between near empty and approximately
three quarters charged. We advise that you keep on charge.

Solid Green: Your battery is almost fully charged, only a short time to wait,
or you can disconnect the USB cable and enjoy vaping your Vuse ePen.

Fully charged: When your Vuse ePen has reached full charge, it will switch off.

You can disconnect the USB cable, switch it on with three rapid clicks of the button and enjoy vaping your Vuse ePen.

  • It takes approximately 90 mins to fully charge your Vuse ePen battery from flat.

Your Vuse ePen battery may run out of charge before the Vuse ePen pod is finished so don’t automatically discard the pod when charging the battery as there may still be eLiquid in it.

The device has an overvoltage, an overcurrent, a short circuit protection and over discharge protection function.

  • To switch on your Vuse ePen, rapidly click the double arrow button three times.
  • To begin your vaping experience, press the button and hold it down whilst inhaling

Vuse ePen comes partly charged but we recommend you fully charge your pack before first use (approximately 90 minutes). 

The battery is only partly charged because we want you to have a brand-new battery when you get your new Vuse ePen. 

For optimal performance, your Vuse ePen should be fully charged before first use. 

Please refer to the user guide in your starter pack.

The Vuse ePen device contains a Lithium-Ion Polymer battery with a nominal electrical charge capacity of 650 mAh.  

We have designed in the need to click one of the buttons 3 times rapidly for two reasons - to ensure your ePen doesn’t turn itself on while it’s in your pocket or
bag for example, and as a way to enhance child safety.

If you press the button and the light comes on, it’s on. If the light won’t come on,
it’s off, and you will need to press the button three times rapidly. 

If that doesn’twork, the battery may have run out of charge and you will need to recharge it.

Although your Vuse ePen has several safety features, we advise against leaving
it to charge whilst unattended or overnight.

Please note that charging should only take about 90 minutes.

Be assured, we have designed ePen with multiple layers of safety features.
Over-voltage is included to avoid you get shocked from our devices. Over-heating
and over temperature protection are included to prevent the devices catching fire
or exploding, and a timed cut-off is to prevent overcharge our devices.

Note: Neither ePen or any other e-cigarette should be charged near compressed gases e.g. Oxygen.

LED fault code section

If you observe the red LED flashing, this could be indicating a warning such as low battery, or a puff time-out.

If the red LED carries on flashing after waiting for ten seconds and switching back on and/or charging your Vuse ePen device, please consult the Vuse Customer Care line

If the LED indicator flashes eight times quickly and shuts down, this is a safety feature to limit the longest draw (vape) to 8 seconds after which the device shuts down.

Switch it on with three rapid clicks of the button.

If left inactive (no button press) for 10 minutes the LED will flash ten times and shut down.

To turn back on with three rapid clicks of the button.


Small droplets of liquid occasionally escaping from your ePen pods is not uncommon during use.

If your ePen pod produces a droplet of liquid, you can continue to use it, simply wipe off the liquid before continuing.

Droplets can appear when liquid or condensation is pulled up the air path due to the reasons on the right and can be resolved with the corresponding solution.

Do not push or poke any hard objects inside the device or pod, especially through the 2 holes, as it might damage and stop the device from working.

If after wiping clean the issue persists, please call Vype Care line for help and advice.

Ask the adult consumer to describe the incident

(i) when did they start to see the issue,

(ii) how long after purchase,

(iii) how have they stored the product,

(iv) have they travelled by air with the pod?

Ask the adult consumer if they have tried to refill the pod.

If they say YES, then politely mention that we cannot help to assess the issue.

If they say NO, then

  • Acknowledge and immediately send a new pod pack
    for every complaints on leakage.
  • Ask the adult consumer to send back the pod for potential analysis along with purchase receipt & Vuse number
  • Local Vuse Care team to share consumer information (consumer details, when the issue starts, how long after purchase)

Ask the adult consumer if they have done anything on the device (i.e. open the shell,
try to customize, etc.).

If they say YES, then politely mention that we cannot help to assess
the issue.

If they say NO, then

  • Acknowledge and immediately send new device to the
    adult consumer.
  • Ask the adult consumer to send back their device for potential analysis.

Ask the adult consumer if they would like to receive another Vuse product (ePen).

If they answer YES:

  • Immediately send a new ePen starter kit to the adult consumer.
  • Consumer undertakes to report the defect / damage as soon as it is identified. The buyer must report the defect / damage by phone or in writing, describe the defect / damage and return the product with the purchase receipt & Warranty Form (confirmation of purchase date is required).

If they answer NO:

  • Credit of the amount (recommended upon customer request and his/her right to cancel the purchase and refund) through Nobacco.

This tobacco product may damage your health and is addictive.



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