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  1. Introduction
    • We invite you to read carefully the following Terms and Conditions before visiting and using our website vuse.com/gr/el (www.vuse.gr)and services, under which the use of www.vuse.com/gr/el (www.vuse.gr) and its content is permitted.
    • These Terms and Conditions of the Website (the "Terms"), together with all information and documents relating to them, govern the use of the vuse.com/gr/el (www.vuse.gr)website (the "Website") by you. Such use includes accessing, browsing or registering to use our website.
    • If you purchase products (the "Products") through the contents of the e-shop website (the "e-shop") or use the services offered through the Website (the "Services"), your purchase will also be governed by these Terms and the Terms of Sales.
    • Use of the website serves as evidence that you agree and accept these Terms.
    • We may amend these Terms from time to time. Check these Terms regularly to make sure that you understand the terms that apply each time you use the Website.
    • By accessing, displaying or using any Services of the Website, you represent and warrant that you are at least 18 years of age and fully capable of entering into legal transactions and agree to be bound by and be subject to the Terms. In connection with the above you also represent and warrant that you have the right and authority to agree to and be bound by these Terms.
    • The visitor/user of the Services understands and accepts that the Website reserves the right to modify and/or suspend, temporarily or permanently, part or all of its services, with or without notice, it offers to visitors/users.
    • If you do not agree to the Terms, you must not use the Website.


  1. About us
    • This Website is managed by the company British American Tobacco HELLAS S.A., with General Electronic Commercial Register (GEMI) number 000912001000 and Tax Identification Number 094306535, FAE Tax Office of Athens, with registered office at 27 Agios Thomas, Maroussi, 15124, Telephone: _30 210 8198500 ("we", "us" or "the Company").
    • To contact us, refer to the Contact Us page or email us at gr@vuse.com or call us at 800-500-6477.


  1. Access to our Website
    • The Website can be accessed by visitors/users over 18 years of age.
    • The visitor/user agrees that he will use the Website only for his own personal, non-commercial use.
    • We do not guarantee that the content of the Website will always be available or will be available without interruption. We will not be responsible if for any reason the Website is not available at any time or for any period.
    • You are responsible for ensuring that you have all the appropriate hardware and software required to access the Website. You must use your own antivirus software when accessing the Website. You are also responsible to ensure that all persons who access our Website through your internet connection are aware of and comply with these Terms and other applicable terms and conditions.
    • By accessing, promoting or using any Services of the Website you declare and guarantee that:
    • a) You will keep all information provided to you through the Services private and confidential and you will not give this information to any third party without the permission of the person that provided it to you.
    • b) You will not use the Services to engage in any form of harassment or aggressive behaviour, which constitutes or includes, indicatively and not exclusively, listing, posting of images, communications, recordings containing defamatory, slandering or abusive content, defamatory statements, acts with racist, pornographic or obscene content, use of offensive language, etc.
    • c) You will not forward chain emails through the Services.
    • d) You will not use the Services to violate the privacy, property rights, or any other rights of any person.
    • e) You will not post messages, images or recordings and/or you will not provide information and you will not use the Services in any way that:
    • Infringes, or copies, the rights of any third party, including indicatively and not exclusively, any copyright or trademarks, rights relating to the protection of privacy or other personal or property rights.
    • It is fraudulent or otherwise illegal or violates any applicable law.
    • f) You will not use the Services for the distribution, promotion or other publication of advertising material for any goods or services and in general for advertising purposes.
    • g) You will not use the Services to distribute or download any virus or malware of any kind, or to do anything else that could harm the Services or Us in any way.
    • h) You will always use the Services in accordance with the law and the applicable legislation and you will not allow their use by minors.
    • i) The responsibility for the accuracy of personal data and information lies solely with you who provide it, as the Website operates only as a means of presenting and publishing such information without processing it.
    • j) The data and information that you will provide and publish:
    • Must not be false, inaccurate or misleading.
    • Must not lead directly or indirectly to the deception of third parties.
    • Must not contradict the provisions of the applicable Greek and European law and applicable law in general, including provisions relating to matters of consumer protection, unfair competition, discrimination or misleading advertising, protection of intellectual or industrial property, trade secrets or personality rights.
    • They should not contain viruses, trojans, worms, time bombs or cancel bots or any other program code that could intentionally damage or cause data loss to both member/visitor computers and the system in general, nor should they lead to loss of resources or Services or functions of the Website.
    • k) In order to properly use the information you provide and to avoid possible infringements related to its content, it is agreed and full authorisation is granted to us to control and use this information. We are committed to use this information in accordance with these Terms of Use.
    • l) The access and use of the Services of the Website must be in accordance with these Terms of Use. The use of any method for monitoring the Website or copying part or all of its operating system or its content without our prior written permission is not permitted. In particular, it is prohibited to use any program or other method of intervention in the operating system of the Website or in any entry contained therein. It is also prohibited to carry out any action that burdens or misuses the search engine of the Website and its technological infrastructure.
 It is also prohibited to copy, modify, paraphrase or republish the contents of the Website without our prior written permission.
      • We do not guarantee that the Website will be completely secure or free of errors or viruses.
  1. Intellectual Property Rights
    • All copyrights and other intellectual property rights on the artwork, graphics, text, video and sound clips, trademarks, logos and other content available on this Website (the "Content") are our property or are used under license.
    • While you may copy any part of this Website onto your own computer for your personal use, you may not copy or embed any of the Content available on the Website in any other site, including your own Website, or use the Content in any other public or commercial manner. Our capacity (and that of recognized contributors) as Content writers must always be acknowledged. You may not publish or redistribute any part of our Website unless you have our permission to do so. We retain the ownership of this entire Content, including any downloadable software or code, any images embedded or created by the Software and all data accompanying it.
    • Unless stipulated otherwise, all trademarks used on this Website are the property of our Company or our group’s companies.
    • If you print, copy or download the Content in violation of these Terms, your right to use this Website will terminate immediately and you must, at our option, return or destroy any copies of the Content you have created.


  1. Protection of Personal Data

5.1 The personal data you provide to us through our Website will only be used in accordance with these Terms and our Privacy Policy. Make sure you read the Privacy Policy before proceeding.


5.2 By providing your personal data to us, you consent to their use in accordance with these Terms and our Privacy Policy.


  1. Use of cookies

Like many web services, we use a feature called “cookies”, which are small data files sent to your browser from a web server and stored on your device's hard drive. References in these Terms to “cookies” also include other means of automatic access or storage of information on your device. By agreeing to these Terms, you give your consent to us to use cookies in the ways described in our Cookies Policy, however, you may delete any of these cookies at any time if you so wish. See the Cookies Policy for detailed information about the types of cookies we use on the Website, the purposes for which we use each cookie and how you can disable and enable the use of certain cookies



  1. Newsletters

The Company provides the opportunity to the visitors/users of the Website, to choose to be informed about new products, offers, stores, competitions, etc. by sending newsletters to their e-mail or mail address or by telephone. These newsletters are the intellectual property of the Company and are therefore protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law and international conventions. The Company may keep a file with the e-mail addresses of the recipients who have given their consent, for the sending of other messages with an informative or financial content. The Company will not abuse the above service. In case you do not wish to receive newsletters, it is possible to stop receiving them by following the instructions contained in the respective newsletter or message you receive. The use of your email address for matters relating to your orders does not constitute newsletters in the sense described here. For more information on how we manage the email addresses and in general the personal data of the users of the Website, please refer to the Company's Privacy Policy, which is published on the Website and is an integral part of these Terms.


  1. Member account
    • In order to create an account on the Website you must be over 18 years of age.
    • The website provides member services to its users, after they accept the terms of use of the website and complete the process of registering their data.
    • Members are solely responsible for the careful use of their account, their formal Logout, as well as for all actions performed under their personal password, username and generally their account (User Account). Members agree to provide immediate notification of any unauthorized use of their account and of any breach of security. The administrators of the Website are not responsible for any damage or loss resulting from non-compliance with these terms on the part of the members.
    • The website reserves the right to deactivate member accounts that remain inactive for a long time.


  1. Limitation of Liability
    • The Website makes every effort for the proper operation of its network, but in no case does it guarantee that the pages, services and contents will be provided without interruption and errors and that the errors will be corrected.
    • Given the nature and volume of the Internet, under any circumstances, including negligence, the Website is not responsible for any kind of damage sustained by the visitor/user of its pages and services, which the visitor/user makes on his/her own initiative.


  1. Compensation

You agree to compensate, defend and release the Company and its directors, executives, employees, consultants, agents and associates from any and all claims of third parties, liability, damages and/or costs (including, but not limited to, legal consultant fees), which emerge from the use of the Website by you or the violation on your part of the Terms and Conditions. In any case, however, and if any damage you sustain is due to proven negligence of the company, the company is only liable to cover any incidental damage of the injured party that arises and is directly related to the damaging event and the negligence of the company. Likewise, all the limitations of liability stated in these terms of use which are recognized and accepted by the user/ consumer/visitor/member of the Company as a whole as valid and in accordance with good faith and business ethics.


  1. Amendment:

The Company has the right, at its sole discretion, at any time and without notice, to modify, remove or change the Services and/or any page of this Website.


  1. Applicable law and other terms

The above terms and conditions for the use of the Website, as well as any amendment thereto, are governed and supplemented by Greek law, and the courts competent to resolve any dispute shall be the Courts of Athens. If any provision of the above terms becomes contradictory to law, it automatically ceases to apply without in any way affecting the validity of the other terms. This constitutes a contract between the Website and the visitor/user of the website.



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