Nicotine salts have become a phenomenon in e-liquid science – an innovative ingredient delivering a more intense experience to e-cigarette users worldwide. Our new flavour range has been specially formulated with nicotine salts – but what is this ingredient and how does it improve your vaping experience?

What are nicotine salts?

Nicotine occurs naturally in several varieties of plant, but is found at the highest level in the tobacco plant. It is found mainly in the leaves of the plant, where nicotine exists in a salt form.

These nicotine salts that are available in tobacco have been recreated in e-liquid by the addition of a special ingredient to the nicotine containing e-liquid formulation, which reacts with the nicotine to form a nicotine salt. Nicotine in “salt” form, also known as protonated nicotine is more stable than the nicotine in normal e-liquids.  

So, why do we use nicotine salts to create Vuse e-liquids?

The addition of nicotine salts in e-liquids pods is aimed at delivering the intensity of a vaping experience closer to that of smoking a conventional cigarette.

Vuse’s new range

As you can probably tell, we think nicotine salts add a certain something to an e-liquid. And that’s why our new Vuse flavour range has been blended to form nicotine salts, made in the UK from premium ingredients.

The new Vuse pods range has a variety of flavours and each has been expertly created by our R&D team.