Among the most common queries by vapers is info about a particular component of their electronic devices: the resistance.

What's a resistance, how it works and how it affects the vaping experience?

Before answering, whether you are an experienced vaper or a newcomer, here's a question for you: do you really know the components of your electronic cigarette how they work? 

Kudos if you do, don't worry if you don't: let's have a quick recap together.

An electronic cigarette consists of:

  • a tank containing the e-liquid; 
  • an atomiser converting the liquid into vapour; 
  • a battery,generally rechargeable, providing the electricity the device needs to function.

And the resistance?

Inside the atomiser you'll find a resistive wire with cotton inside that’s meant to absorb the e-liquid: pressing the button of the battery, the resistive wire heats up, making the e-liquid absorbed by the cotton evaporate.

Here some “educational” info to help us to have a better grasp of it.

The “Power” of the e-cig, measured in Watts, depends on the Voltage (V) and the Resistance (R) of the coil, the part of the atomiser consisting of the resistive wire that heats the e-liquid until it evaporates.

Atomiser coils come in a range of resistances: Standard coils that have a resistance of >1.0 Ohm and “Sub-Ohm” coils that have a resistance of <1.0 Ohm.

Based on Ohms Law, power will increase as resistance decreases.

What does it mean for our vaping experience?

E-cigarettes regulate the voltage across the coil to provide a “power” output, monitoring the coil resistance and adjusting the voltage accordingly.

On some open system electronic cigarettes it is possible to replace the resistance or adjust it. Choosing a low resistance will result in more vapour and stronger taste. On the other hand, this will cause the battery to drain and wear out more quickly, as will the resistance. Choosing a higher resistance will result in the exact opposite.

Anyway, for most closed system devices, the resistance is set and so is the power. Therefore, there’s no possibility for the user to select a different option.

You might think that as a disadvantage, but it often provides a more correct and secure setting. That’s why we chose to make both our devices, Vuse ePen and the new Vuse ePod 2, closed system e-cigs, so they provide just the perfect power to give you the best overall vaping experience.

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