In fact, always considering that is not without risks, the electronic cigarette can be an alternative to help smokers reduce the harmful impact of certain substances, such as those generated by the combustion of tobacco and paper of traditional cigarettes.

Why switch from traditional to electronic cigarettes

The electronic cigarette, it is important to remember, is not a smoking cessation device and non-smokers should not approach this product. Having ascertained this, we can affirm that the e-cig can be a valid alternative to the traditional cigarette.

The studies on the subject are different and the results are not yet exhaustive, but even focusing only on the absence of combustion, the first positive aspect can be noted.

Why smoking with a traditional cigarette is bad

It is well known that the traditional cigarette is harmful to the body. Carbon monoxide, benzene, formaldehyde, tar, chromium and ammonia are only some of the components of the traditional cigarette. So, every time you smoke a cigarette you inhale these harmful substances. Again, for the traditional cigarette smoking creates the process of combustion, which burns to produce tobacco smoke, and in this area you can reach very high temperatures, which – because of combustion - are particularly harmful for the individual.

What is the electronic cigarette and how does it work

An electronic device that allows vapor inhalation, the electronic cigarette is also known as an e-cig . The liquid - which then becomes vapor - contained in the electronic cigarette is generally composed of a variable quantity of nicotine and aromas, as well as the base liquid . Indeed, studies seem to agree that the vapor inhaled by electronic cigarettes contains less harmful substances than those present in the smoke produced by the combustion of tobacco.

Among the different brands, even Vuse positions itself in the electronic cigarette market with the ePen device.