By now, several models of electronic cigarettes are on the market, but - whatever the brand - this device is always composed of a power source, an atomizer, a cartridge and a liquid solution, that is the e-liquid which can be chosen according to the preferences of the smoker. In recent years, the use of this device has become increasingly widespread, which some smokers have begun to prefer to traditional cigarettes. The electronic cigarettes are a product readily available: you can buy not only in the various electronic cigarette stores, but also online. You can discover here the products of the Vuse brand.


How the liquid based electronic cigarette works

A device that recalls the gestures of traditional cigarettes, the electronic cigarette is positioned mainly - compared to traditional cigarettes – because of the absence of combustion and tobacco.

The e-cig is an electronic device that allows the smoker to inhale a solution of flavored vapor instead of inhaling tobacco smoke.

In addition, you can select liquids with different concentrations of nicotine.
The electronic cigarette is therefore an alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes.


What do electronic cigarette liquids contain

E-liquid is a compound that must be vaporized. Precisely for this reason it is produced with propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol, to which an aroma of your choice and nicotine are added.

A liquid, colorless and odorless compound, propylene glycol is a perfect carrier for the other substances found in e-cigarette liquids.

Vegetable glycerol, on the other hand, is characterized by its density, which causes steam to be generated during the vape.

Together, these two ingredients make up the basic liquid of electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cig.

To the base liquid, as already mentioned, the consumer can choose - according to his taste and preferences - which aroma to add and whether to add nicotine.