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Our eLiquids don't just taste great, there are also from high quality. Because for our eLiquids we only use ingredients of pharmaceutical quality and heat-resistant aroma of food quality.
If sweet or fruity, if tobacco, mango, menthol or vanilla - our liquids fit perfectly for your eCigarette. Each liquid is made in the EU and subjected to strict quality standards.

  1. ePen Caps

    Vuse ePen Caps let you enjoy a wide variety of flavours in different nicotine strengths - and with nicotine salts. Only compatible with the Vuse ePen.

    from CHF 8.90

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  2. ePod Caps

    Discover the different flavours and nicotine strengths of the ePod Caps with nicotine salts - with intense aroma and high nicotine saturation. Only compatible with the Vuse ePod.

    CHF 10.90

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