Whether you are looking for an innovative E-Cigarette or a more classic one, Vuse has the solution!

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  1. Vuse ePod 2 Device Kit

    Meet the upgraded Vuse ePod 2‚ our newest device for on-the-go moments, redesigned with an angular and modern shape. It comes in three metallic colours, with a soft-touch finish.

    *Device charge speed to 80% is 35 minutes

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  2. Vuse GO disposable e-cigarette

    Modern Disposable, more flavors to go. The next generation of disposables devices available in a wide variety of flavors.

    CHF 7.90

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  3. EDITION 01

    Disposable e-cigarette with up to 800 puffs1 and Easy-View Liquid.

    CHF 8.90

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  4. Discover the new VusePRO

    Our new VusePRO device with a new design

    CHF 9.90

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