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Smoking eCigarettes in Switzerland - some dos and dont’s.

Smoking eCigarettes in Switzerland - some dos and dont’s.

We are living exciting times!

Who would have thought that computers will fit in our pockets one day or that we wear glasses to enter a virtual world. Same with eCigarettes! In a not so distant past it was unthinkable that so many people would use eCigarettes!

Even if vaping does not fall under the nonsmoker protection laws, it is subject to the individual rules of each venues so ask before consuming your Vuse in a closed public and private place. Here is a Do’s & Dont's regarding the use of the eCigarette in the everyday life in Switzerland:

Can I vape in the public transports and in a plane?
The Swiss association of Public Transport as well as many airlines have decided to prohibit the vape.

Can I vape at work?
In Switzerland the law forbids to smoke at work. The use of eCigarettes is not covered by this law. The decision on whether eCigarettes can be used in any form at work is entirely up to the employer. Unless your workplace has a clear policy on vaping in place, the only way to know if you can vape at work is to ask.

Can I vape in bars and restaurants?
Globally, there is no clear ban to vape in such public places. However, you should make sure to follow the rules of your canton and city; then you also need to respect each venue rules. In any case, the best is always to ask the staff before vaping.

We hope this quick information will help you to enjoy fully your experience with Vuse!

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