8 Reasons to Switch to E-cigarettes

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8 Reasons to Switch to E-cigarettes

Deciding to make the switch to E-Cigarettes? Or perhaps, are you looking to try them out for a first time? As with all new things, it takes a little getting used to, especially when it comes to knowing how to handle new equipment. With E-cigarettes, the equipment is actually pretty simple, but what you might find challenging at the beginning is your lack of experience. No offense!

Without experience, you might not be able to tell a high quality product from an inferior one. Let’s take coffee, for example. Not all coffees are the same and the difference between a well made coffee and a terrible coffee is huge! Either pure bliss or excruciating agony. It’s the same with E-Cigarettes. Not all E-Cigarettes are equal and not all liquids are equal. The sole purpose of E-Cigarettes are for your enjoyment, therefore, you should only be content with the best.

In this article series, we will share important tips for beginners and those looking to improve their vaping experience, including the best way to use E-Cigarettes, what to pay attention to, what to avoid, and how to select the highest quality product.

Tip #1: Choosing the Right Liquid

With a normal cigarette, the level of quality mostly depends on the tobacco used. With the E-cigarette, the quality depends on the liquid used. It’s one thing to choose the right flavor according to your personal preference. The other, is selecting the best quality of the liquid itself. Always pay attention to the quality of the liquid when making a purchase to insure you have the best experience.

How do you compare the quality of liquids?

It’s easier than you think. We recommend that you only buy liquids from major brand manufacturers because they consistently monitor the quality levels of their products. In addition, you can compare the ingredients of different manufacturers side by side. Renowned brands present the ingredients transparently. Since manufacturers are under strict production regulation, you can be sure that the liquid contains exactly what is indicated on the label. In this sense, finding the best quality is actually simple. Stick to good products and check and compare the ingredients. Some manufacturers even have quality seals that guarantee the high quality.

Most E-Cigarettes have their own E-Liquid caps. Be sure to only use the original E-Liquid Caps for your E-Cigarette. The liquids, as well as caps, are specifically developed for the respective E-Cigarettes so it doesn’t make sense to experiment. This is the same for the charging equipment. You might be able to use different charging cables for your Smart-Phone, but this will not work for the liquids and caps of E-Cigarettes.

Recommendation for smokers who want to quit

If you are using E-Cigarettes to quit smoking, we recommend that you keep a combination of nicotine and tobacco flavor, at least for now. This will make your withdrawal as gentle as possible. In this case, the best choice would be the E-Liquid with a tobacco flavor. Good to know: E-Liquids from Vuse may contain nicotine and yet they contain no tobacco at all. This is especially important if you want to get away from tobacco.

Tip #2: Vaping Properly

Smoking an E-Cigarette is a little different than smoking a normal cigarette. A normal cigarette is usually smoked with short puffs. However, the vapor of an E-Cigarette is cold in contrast to the smoke of a normal cigarette. To achieve the best flavor experience and the optimal enjoyment, we recommend that you take long puffs when using E-Cigarettes. Do not draw the vapor directly into your lungs but instead, draw the steam into your mouth for 5-7 seconds before inhaling. This enriches the vapor with oxygen in your mouth and allows the aroma to develop properly.

Tip #3: The Right Nicotine Strength

Beginners or those who switched from normal cigarettes to E-Cigarettes - i.e. former smokers - often have false expectations regarding the effect of nicotine from E-Cigarettes. In actuality, the nicotine strength of E-Cigarettes is a 1:1 comparison with normal cigarettes. Many assume that only the high nicotine strength E-Liquids or E-cigarettes are equivalent to a normal tobacco cigarette, but when vaping, the effect of nicotine develops more slowly than with a normal cigarette. At first, you might feel unaccustomed to this, but with time this type of smoking will become automatic.

Instead of committing yourself to one nicotine strength, we recommend that you try different nicotine strengths, especially at the beginning. This way, you can discover which nicotine level offers the best flavor and most enjoyable experience for you.

Tip #4: Correct Disposal of E-Cigarettes and

Honestly, this should be pretty clear. An E-Cigarette does not belong in your normal household garbage because it contains a rechargeable battery. Likewise, you should not dispose the chargers in your household waste. Nothing bad will happen if you do so, but the environment will thank you if you dispose of all the components of your E-Cigarette properly in the electronic waste section at a recycling center. Although it might not be as obvious, this also applies to the E-Liquid Caps of the E-Cigarette. That’s why we explicitly mention this here. So please dispose of everything in an environmentally friendly way via an appropriate collection point for electrical waste. Don't just leave your E-Cigarette on the street or in the train.

Tip #5: Burnt Aroma

If you pull on your E-Cigarette and taste or smell a burnt aroma, this can be caused by two things. First, if you start vaping immediately after you put in a new E-Liquid Cap, it’s possible that the liquid has not yet completely dispersed in the vaporizer and the wick is therefore not completely moistened. This can result in a burnt aroma. Also, if you wait too long to refill, vaping with an almost empty E-Cap (tank) can possibly affect the aroma. In this case, simply swap out for a new E-Liquid.

Tip: During the first time using your E-Cigarette, you can sprinkle the wick in the middle of the vaporizer with a drop of E-Liquid if you want. This is not necessary but it helps the wick to soak up the E-Liquid more quickly. After inserting the E-Liquid in your E-Cigarette, we recommend that you wait at least 5 - 10 minutes before you start vaping so that you can easily avoid a burnt aroma.

Tip #6: Cleaning your E-Cigarette

Many beginners do not know (or forget) to clean their E-Cigarette. After all, an E-Cigarette is not a disposable product and therefore needs to be cared for and cleaned regularly. You’ll find this worthwhile for the longevity of your E-cigarette as well as maximizing the taste and overall experience. Depending on the E-Cigarette system, the cleaning process can be either simple or complex. No fear, with Vuse, its completely fast and simple.

Have you finally decided on using Vuse? Vuse works with a cap system making it very efficient when cleaning. All you have to do is regularly clean the mouthpiece as well as the contact surface to the battery carrier. You can simply use a slightly moistened or dry cloth. That's it. If you do this on a regular basis, you will prolong the life of your E-Cigarette considerably.

Tip #7: The Best Charging Accessories

If you use an adapter other than the intended one, you risk permanently damaging your E-Cigarette. Using the wrong power supply or too much current will cause irreprable damage. You’ll therefore find it worthwhile to only use your E-Cigarette with the (original) supplied charging accessories which are specially designed for your E-Cigarette and the integrated battery.

Brandnew Vuse E-Cigarettes are delivered partially charged. As with all batteries, we recommend that you fully charge your E-Cigarette before using it for the first time. In general, this extends the lifespan of the battery. As soon as the green LED indicator lights up, the battery of your Vuse E-Cigarette is fully charged. You can then remove the E-Cigarette from the charger and start vaping!

Tip #8: Replenishment on the Road

Many (smokers) who switch to E-Cigarettes are looking to replace smoking normal cigarettes. To make sure that you stick with your E-Cigarette and resist the urge to fall back to normal tobacco cigarettes, you should always have with you enough liquids and, of course, your E-Cigarette. Vuse E-cigarettes as well as their E-Liquid Caps are simple, easy to transport and can be stowed away discretely in any jacket pocket. This allows you to always have easy access to the necessary supplies and can avoid any temptation to succumb to conventional tobacco cigarette.

The number of E-Liquid Caps you use or when you should fill the tank depends on how often and how long you vape. But, you will find that the battery life of the Vuse E-Cigarette as well as the E-Liquid Caps are very efficient.


Switching from conventional tobacco cigarettes to E-Cigarettes is easy and simple. It doesn’t take any special knowledge and requires minimal effort. But, it’s important to keep in mind the helpful tips we discussed in order to achieve the optimal flavor and overall most enjoyable experience. Our recommendations guarantee you a long lifespan for your E-Cigarette as well as the best aromatic vaping experience.

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