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Electronic cigarettes, also known as e-cigarettes, have become a popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. One of the reasons for its popularity is the variety of e-liquids available, offering vapers a wide range of flavours and nicotine levels.

One of the key elements of the vaping experience is the choice of e-liquid. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to choose the e-liquid that's right for you. In this article, we'll walk you through the steps to choosing the perfect e-liquid for your e-cigarette.

What is e-liquids?

Before choosing your e-liquid, it's important to understand the essential components and how they work. E-liquids are made up of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, flavourings and possibly nicotine. The propylene glycol and vegetable glycerine are responsible for producing the vapour, while the flavourings add a touch of taste. Nicotine is optional and can be present in different concentrations.

To find out everything you need to know about e-liquids, read this article.

1. Choose your nicotine level

E-liquids have different nicotine concentrations. At Vuse, we offer different nicotine levels to enable all vapers to find the nicotine level that suits them. The nicotine level is expressed in milligrams per millilitres or "mg/ml ". The most common nicotine levels are as follows:

  • 0 mg/ml e-liquid: nicotine-free e-liquids are available for those who want to remove nicotine completely while continuing to vape.
  • 3 mg/ml e-liquid: this is the lowest nicotine content that can be found in an e-liquid at the moment*.
  • 6 mg/ml e-liquid: this is a low to moderate level of nicotine containing e-liquid.
  • 12 mg/ml e-liquid: this level is best suited for experienced nicotine consumers.
  • 18 mg/ml e-liquid: this higher nicotine level is suitable for heavy nicotine consumers.
  • 20mg/ml e-liquid: this is often the highest rate of nicotine available in an e-liquid.

If you want to switch from cigarettes to vaping, we recommend you try different nicotine levels, especially at the beginning. Then you can discover which nicotine level offers the most pleasant experience for you.

2. Explore the different e-liquid flavours

One of the great advantages of e-liquids is the variety of flavours available. Whether you prefer fruity, minty, or classic flavours, there's something for everyone. Vuse also offers complex flavours blends, providing a unique vaping experience.

Tobacco flavour E-Liquid

Tobacco-flavoured e-liquids are designed to reproduce the taste and feel of traditional cigarettes. These e-liquids can vary in terms of tobacco nuances, from light flavours to more full-bodied and robust flavours.

At Vuse, we offer two tobacco-flavoured e-liquids:

  • Master Blend e-liquid: Spicy notes of roasted tobacco with a nutty flavouring finish.
  • Golden Tobacco e-liquid: Light tobacco flavour combined with the sweetness of caramel aroma.

E-Liquid with fruity flavours

Fruity e-liquid flavours offer a variety of tastes inspired by fruits. Here are a few flavours from Vuse:

E-Liquid with menthol flavour

If you like the freshness of mint, menthol flavours are for you. Menthol flavours offer a fresh touch that can be much appreciated. Here are Vuse two menthol-flavoured e-liquids:

E-Liquid fruity freshness

If you're looking for a fruity vaping experience with a hint of freshness, fresh fruity flavours are for you. Here are the Vuse e-liquids in fresh fruity flavour:

Other e-liquid flavours include Orange Passion e-liquid, an orange flavour with a tropical twist of tangy, guava, papaya and passionfruit flavours and Lemon Berry e-liquid, when lemon taste meets with berry flavour.

We regularly offer new exclusive flavours or limited-edition flavours. Discover the full range of Vuse e-liquids and choose your favourite flavour.

3. Compatibility with your e-cigarette

When you choose an e-liquid, make sure it's compatible with your e-cigarette. At Vuse, we offer e-liquids specifically designed for Vuse e-cigarettes. These are Pods (or capsules) that clip into your Vuse ePod or Vuse Pro e-cigarette. Thanks to Vuse e-liquid Pods, there's no need for complicated handling! They're designed to make filling up with e-liquid quick and easy.

What about the e-liquids in disposable e-cigarettes?

Like refillable e-cigarettes, disposable e-cigarettes also contain e-liquid. The difference is that they cannot be refilled once they have been used: when you choose your disposable e-cigarette, you also choose your e-liquid. So, you need to consider the flavour and nicotine levels of the e-liquid included in your disposable e-cigarette.

At Vuse, we also offer a collection of disposable e-cigarettes with different nicotine levels and e-liquid flavours. We even have nicotine-free disposable e-cigarettes.

*This article was published on 30 November 2023


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