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Toutes les nouvelles Puffs jetables Vuse Go 700 de Vuse


Vapers have reason to celebrate with the arrival of Vuse's new disposable e-cigarettes, the Vuse Go 700. These new Vuse Go 700 pre-filled electronic cigarettes are single-use e-cigarettes that can deliver up to 700 puffs*.

These disposable e-cigarettes combine performance and practicality to offer an excellent vape experience and adapt to everyone's needs.

Find out more about these new disposable e-cigarettes and their benefits.

Up to 700 puffs* in one disposable e-cigarette

Offering up to 700 puffs* per device, Vuse Go 700 disposable vape guarantees a prolonged experience without compromising on vapour quality.

With their built-in battery and buttonless design, Vuse Go 700 e-cigarettes are very easy to use, making them suitable for both novice and experienced vapers.

Ergonomic mouthpiece with Airflow Control

The new Vuse Go disposable vape feature an ergonomic mouthpiece with Airflow Control technology. This means you can control and personalise your experience by choosing the strength of your vape's airflow.

The variety of flavours in Vuse Go 700 vape

All vapers will find what they're looking for in the Vuse Go 700 range of flavours. Vuse Go 700 e-cigarettes are ready to use and contain 2ml of e-liquid available in 0 mg/ml and/or 20 mg/ml nicotine levels. Here are the different Vuse flavours available:

E-liquids in classic flavours

E-liquids with fruity flavours

E-liquids with fruity and icy flavours

Vuse Go 700 with nicotine-free e-liquid

To meet everyone's needs, Vuse Go 700 disposable e-cigarettes are also available nicotine-free. This is an ideal option for those who enjoy the vape experience without the effects of nicotine. Discover the three Vuse Go 700 nicotine-free disposable e-cigarettes:

Vuse Go 700, practical disposable e-cigarettes for everyday use

The compact size of Vuse Go 700 vapes makes them discreet and easy to carry. Slip them into your pocket or handbag and they're ready to use at a moment's notice. Practicality is at the heart of their design.

Adopt the quality and practicality of Vuse Go 700 disposable e-cigarettes and their many flavours now!

*Based on laboratory testing of newly manufactured product and may vary depending on an individual’s usage behaviour.

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