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So, you’ve made the move to vaping, and whether it’s to explore endless flavour possibilities or simply to expand your horizons, one thing all new vapers have in common is the fact that it can feel like there is a lot to get to grips with.

To get you going, we’ve compiled a short guide of some vaping tips for beginners that answers the most commonly asked questions about vaping.



To vape, you only need two things - a vaping device and some eLiquid flavours or a flavour pod, depending on what device you choose.

Let’s start with the device. It’s what turns the  vape liquid flavours into the vapour you inhale. At first glance, the many types of vape devices out there and all the different ingredients in a vape pen may make vaping seem complicated, but in essence, there are three main types: vape pens, pod mods and box mods. Each of these types of devices offer varying degrees of complexity, customisation and user-friendliness.

When starting out, you may find a pod mod like the sleek Vuse ePod to be the simplest, fuss-free vape device. You simply click one of the quality flavour pods into the device and you’re ready to vape.

For a more customisable vaping experience, you can turn to vape pens and box mods like the Twisp Clearo 3 or Tyko Plus AIO. These types of devices feature a refillable tank that allow you to customise your vape experience and experiment with the range of qualityTwisp eLiquid flavours. You can learn more about the differences between vape devices in our Device Guide blog.

It’s all about flavour

One of the best things about vaping is having a variety of vape liquid flavours to discover and choose from. Our Vuse ePod flavour podscome in a selection of flavours and varying nicotine strengths, while the ingredients of vaping liquid are hand-selected by our flavour engineers for a premium quality, satisfying and safe vaping experience.

If you’re a smoker and new to vaping, you may opt to start with one of our tobacco or menthol flavours that give you that rich and satisfying traditional taste you may be after. There’s also a world of exciting flavours to discover like refreshing Vuse Cucumber Mix or Original Strawberry when in the mood for something more adventurous. If you choose an open system device like the Twisp Clearo 3, we’ve got you covered with an extensive range of Twisp e-liquids flavours from a zesty Signature Limoncello to a cheeky Fresh Blueberry; each crafted to be completely unique and offer diverse flavour notes blended to perfection by our flavourists.

Care for your device

Now that you’ve chosen your device and are ready to explore the world of flavours, it’s important that you take care of the device so that you can keep enjoying the best vaping experience possible. Make sure to only use trusted charging equipment to charge your Vuse and Twisp device and regularly check and clean your device with a soft, dry cloth to make sure it performs better for longer.

All Vuse devices come with a standard 6-month warranty and if you create a profile online, you can get a further 6-month extension on your warranty to ensure that if anything goes wrong with your device, you can simply pop in to a Vuse vape store to have it checked, repaired or replaced.

Vape consciously

At Vuse, we want to create the most pleasurable and satisfying vaping experience for you, but it is equally important that you subscribe to vaping etiquette. Always be considerate to those around you when vaping and ensure to only use your device in designated areas where vaping is allowed.



And that’s our guide to vaping tips for beginners! Now that you’ve got  a better understanding on the basics of vaping, browse our range of devices and our most popular vape flavours here or visit one of our Vuse Inspiration StoresTM near you.

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