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Vape pens, pod mods and box mods - there are many different types of vape pens and other devices on the market and it can get a little overwhelming, especially when you’re new to vaping. So, which one is right for you? We’ve put together a little guide to help define vape devices so you better understand some of the most common types of vape devices out there. 



The Pod Mod

Convenient and easy-to-use, these are two of the defining characteristics of the pod mod.
Also known as an Pod, this style of vape device uses a closed system design that comes with a flavour pod which is already filled with e-liquid and simply clicks into the device ready for you to start vaping. You can get a better understanding of the differences between closed and open system vapes on our open system vs closed system blog.

When it comes to sleek, powerful pod mod devices, look no further than the Vuse Pod. Discreet and easy to use with a range of flavour pods to explore, it’s crafted to keep you inspired.


The Vape Pen

Just as the name suggests, vape pens are pen-shaped, compact vaping devices. There are a few different types of vape pens, but in general this type of vape device is a more classic and traditional design that features a rechargeable battery and a refillable tank that houses your choice of eLiquid flavours. Take a look at the Twisp Clearo 3 for a stylish example of a vape pen device.


The Box Mod or Vape Mod

Box mods offer you higher levels of flexibility and allow you to customise your vaping experience to suit you. The most complex box mods allow you to adjust a variety of settings from power and wattage, to the temperature and intensity of the taste of your vape. The hardware is also customisable and box mods come with refillable tanks and replaceable atomisers. These types of vape devices are typically larger than other types of vapes.



So which device is right for you? Well, now that our little breakdown has taught you how to define vape devices by their features, hopefully it’ll be easier to choose  the perfect fit for your style from the different types of vape pens and devices available. Whether your choice is based on price, convenience or size, if you’re just starting out on your vaping journey or are an expert, you can find the right vape pen online or at our Vuse Inspiration vape stores nationwide. Choose from our range of devices and inspiring vape flavours to take you on a journey of inspiration with Vuse.

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