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Vaping Evolution

When worldwide vaping brand Vuse partnered with Twisp and released the new Vuse ePod, it marked the next step in the evolution of vaping technology. We’re looking back at everything the Twisp Cliq and Twisp Cue brought to the party when they were first released, and why the Vuse ePod should be the next vaping device you add to your collection – if you haven’t already.


The Twisp Cliq vs Cue

The Twisp Cue was designed to offer tobacco and nicotine users other alternatives. A consistent, clean flavour and stylish design made it instantly popular with long-time and new nicotine users, and the Twisp Cue flavours inspired vapers to try new and exciting flavour sensations.

The Twisp Cliq gave vapers a smoother experience, with less throat feel than the Cue – thanks to the then-new Nic Salts formulation, which provided a higher nicotine content. Combined with the simple, new design and exciting range of flavours, the Cliq gave vapers a new option in their vaping arsenal. Twisp Cliq and Cue flavours and accessories can still be found online or at your nearest Vuse Inspiration Store or Twisp kiosk.


The Future of e-Cigarettes

We’ve discussed the past, it’s time to explore where we are now. The Vuse ePod combines creativity with innovation for a compact, stylish and powerful device that propels vaping technology into a new era.

Here are just a few of the many innovations that make the Vuse ePod so unique:

  • The device is splash-proof, fast charging and with a longer-lasting battery, so you never have to worry about running low while you’re on the go.
  • The device has a simple and elegant flavour delivery system, with flavour pods that can be swapped out at any time: choose a flavour pod and click it in – it’s as simple as that.
  • There are 10 distinctive flavours, ranging from the delightfully-tart Berry Mix to the captivatingly cool Iced Mango, invigorating Cucumber Mix and the luxurious Rich Tobacco.
  • Each flavour is available across a range of nicotine strengths, all delivered through our latest Nic Salts formulation, so you can craft the vaping experience that’s right for you.
  • Customise your Vuse ePod to suit your style by choosing a designer skin from our inspirational new collection available in-store.
  • You can even get your Vuse ePod engraved at one of the Vuse Inspiration Stores, for a truly personalised experience.


Make the swap

You don’t need to wait to take the next step in vaping evolution - upgrade your Twisp Cliq or Cue vape device for a free Vuse ePod at any Vuse Inspiration vape stores. Once you’ve made the swap, find your new favourite flavour with our handy flavour recommendation guide.

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