Go deep with dark and intense purple grape flavour with an icy cool twist, for up to 3000* puffs of flavour.

*Based on laboratory testing of newly manufactured product and may vary depending on individuals usage behaviour.


Delivered in 1-3 working days*

Free delivery on orders over R499.
*May be impacted by load shedding.

The Vuse Go 3000 lets you keep going for longer with up to 3000* puffs per device. Available in 4 bright colours and 4 longer-lasting flavours that you can view, with a durable, easy-to-grip compact box design that gives you the freedem to go for longer.


How does the Vuse Go 3000 work?

The Vuse Go 3000 is a puff-activated disposable vape with 8ml of e-liquid. Unwrap, remove caps, puff to activate. The LED lights up during use. It offers easy, no-fuss enjoyment of your preferred flavours. No need for cleaning or refilling.Check e-liquid level through the mouthpiece window. Our Vuse Go 3000 is rechargeable using a type C-USB and has an approximate charging time of 90 minutes.

How many puffs will I get from my Vuse Go 3000?

Every Vuse Go 3000 will deliver up to 3000 puffs before the e-liquid is depleted, as determined through laboratory testing. Nevertheless, this might vary based on an individual's usage patterns.

My Vuse Go 3000 is not working

Your Vuse Go 3000 device might have a low battery and require recharging. Your Vuse Go 3000 device could also be out of e-liquid. You can check the e-liquid level by turning the device upside down and viewing the e-liquid through the Easy View mouthpiece. Please ensure the removal of the silicone air channel bungs before using the device. If the mouthpiece is obstructed by debris, clean it with a dry cloth. If your Vuse Go 3000 isn't functioning as expected, and you've attempted the recommended steps, kindly reach out to the Vuse Customer Care team here.

Is the Vuse Go 3000 rechargeable?

Yes, the Vuse Go 3000 is a rechargeable e-cigarette device. It uses USB-C charging.

How can I see how much e-liquid is left in my Vuse Go 3000?

You can easily see the e-liquid through the Easy View clear mouthpiece. For the full picture of how much e-liquid is left, turn the device upside down with the mouthpiece pointing to the floor to observe the remaining e-liquid, because part of the e-liquid is covered by wrap sticker.

How do I clean my Vuse Go 3000?

Grab a dry cloth for cleaning, or if you prefer, anti-bacterial wipes work too. Just make sure the mouthpiece is completely dry before you use it.

What are the Vuse Go 3000 specifications?

The Vuse Go 3000 is packed with 8ml of e-liquid and boasts a 560mAh battery capacity. With e-liquid included, the device weighs about 59.5g (+/- 3g) and measures 90×43×22.4mm in size.

How do I look after my Vuse Go 3000?

Refer to the guidance provided in the user manual accompanying your Vuse Go 3000, which encompasses, among other things, the following: Keep your Vuse Go 3000 stored within a temperature range of 0–35°C. Avoid dragging, crushing, piercing, incinerating, or immersing the device in water, and ensure the Vuse product remains dry. Do not leave the device in direct sunlight or close to sources of heat. Refrain from using the device around flammable liquids or gases.

How do I responsibly dispose my Vuse Go 3000

When you've finished, just stop puffing. Be a part of the positive change and ensure you dispose of your Vuse Go 3000 device responsibly. Find out how to do so here.

Why am I experiencing an off-taste, dry-hit, or burnt note in the vapour coming from my Vuse Go 3000

Your Vuse Go 3000 device might be low on liquid. You can verify the liquid level by looking through the see-through mouthpiece section, and if it's empty, please make sure to dispose of it responsibly. If there's still a decent amount of liquid left and you're encountering an unusual off-taste, dry hit, or burnt flavour, don't hesitate to reach out to our Customer Care Team using this link.

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