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Choosing a trusted vape device and only using quality e-liquid is the first step in you enjoying a safe vaping experience. Add the following two principles to your routine, and you’re sure to get the most out of your vaping experience, safely.

Looking after your battery

Taking care of your device’s battery not only ensures you can enjoy your vaping for longer, but also plays a big part in keeping your device safe to use. Leaving your device in the hot sun for long periods, like the inside of a parked car or near a heat source, can lead to your battery malfunctioning. High temperatures also tend to reduce the efficiency of lithium batteries, meaning your device will start to need charging more often. This can lead to the lifespan of the battery being reduced and lead to you having to replace your device much sooner.

Storing your device properly

How you store your device when not using it can also help ensure that you can keep using it for longer.

Like most electronic devices, it’s best to avoid leaving your vape device exposed to water or in damp and extremely humid environments. As much as possible, try and store your device in an upright position when not using it.

What about your pods?

Pods need love too, after all this is where all the flavour and enjoyment of your vape is stored, so the same amount of care needs to go into storing and caring for your flavour pods.

If you’re stocking up on your favourite vape flavours, be sure to store them in a cool area away from direct sunlight to avoid compromising the quality and flavour of the e-liquid inside.

Always take note of the expiry date printed on the box to ensure that you use your pods in time.

And remember, your flavour pods should always be kept out of reach of children and pets.

The Vuse Quality Standard

Devices like the Vuse ePod go through hundreds of tests before being considered safe to use, and every device is certified and assessed by independent testing laboratories. This is part of the Vuse Quality Standard that ensures every vaping experience is safe and worry-free so that you can live inspired with our devices and eLiquids.

To check out all Vuse Vape pens in person, visit a Vuse vape shop near you.

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