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As a Twisp Cliq or Cue user, you can upgrade your current Twisp device for a new Vuse Pod, free of charge.So to help you find your new Vuse Pod flavour, we’ve compiled a handy guide to help you compare the differences and similarities between Vuse and Twisp flavours below.



All Vuse Pod flavour pods contain Nic Salts. This innovative formulation provides a smoother, more intense vaping experience with improved satisfaction.

Learn more about Nic Salts in our Nic Salts for Newbies blog.



Vuse Pod flavour pods not only come in a range of unique flavours, but also offer you the option of varying nicotine strengths from 1.6% to 5% including a zero-nicotine option on selected flavours.

Twisp Cue flavour pods contain free base nicotine, whereas Vuse Pod flavour pods are formulated with Nic Salts. For Twisp Cue Smooth users, we recommend starting with our Vuse Pod 1.6% strength flavour range. For Twisp Cue Regular users, we recommend starting with our Vuse Pod 3% strength flavour range.

The Twisp Cliq flavour range is formulated with Nic Salts. As a Twisp Cliq Smooth user, we recommend starting with the Vuse Pod 3% nicotine strength, and for those who prefer the Cliq Regular strength pods, look to our Vuse Pod 5% strength option to get the satisfaction you are after.


Looking for something fruity?

If you’re a fan of breezy, fruity flavours like Blueberry or Rebel on the Twisp Cue, or love the fun taste of the Arcade or Soda flavours on the Twisp Cliq, we recommend you explore the delightful red berry notes and hints of tartness in the Vuse Berry Mix, or be intrigued by the deep, dark cherry notes and subtle red fruit overtones of our Vuse Dark Cherry flavour.

For a classic fruity vape experience, our Original Strawberry flavour pods perfectly capture the flavour of fruits in season, while our Blushed Mango flavour pods give you a rich mango flavour immersed with fruity notes.

And if it’s that cool tang of Mango Ice on Cue you’re looking for, click a Vuse Iced Mango flavour pod into your Vuse Pod to experience a fresh blast of ripe mango, complemented by notes of pineapple and floral honey with a cooling aftertaste.

You can also put a refreshing twist on your vaping moments with our exciting new Vuse Crisp Watermelon flavour pod, featuring a blend of subtle fresh notes or explore the invigorating flavour balance of cucumber colliding against tangy cranberry with our Cucumber Mix flavour.


After the fresh and minty?

For those who love the crisp taste of Polar Mint on the Twisp Cue and Blast on the Twisp Cliq, our Vuse Crisp Mint flavour pods offer that fresh, invigorating feel you’ve always loved for a sensationally cool vaping experience.


Craving the toasty, smooth and satisfying?

The Vuse Rich Tobacco flavour is crafted to give you a multi-layered and full-bodied taste of tobacco that’s been infused with rich and creamy textures brought to life with its cocoa and freshly roasted coffee overtones.

For Twisp Vanilla on Cue fans, we invite you to enjoy the smoothness of our Vuse Vanilla Medley flavour pods for an intense and extra rich vanilla taste.



Vuse cares and we want you to feel reassured that whenever you click any Vuse flavour pod into your Vuse Pod, you are using a quality product.

We scrutinise every detail – from what goes into the vape eLiquids to the vapour that comes out. All eLiquids go through a robust stewardship process to ensure they meet and exceed the strong regulations for vaping products in the UK, US and Canada. Visit our Vape Quality Matters page for more information.

So whether you’re a fan of the fruity, a match to mint or taken with the toasty, smooth and satisfying, you can have the confidence to go ahead and explore the exciting and extensive range of Vuse Pod flavours online or find your inspiration at one of our Vuse Inspiration Stores and kiosks (soon to be Vuse Inspiration Stores™) nationwide.

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