Quality, our priority

Which information is reliable? We are aware that you may be concerned after everything you have read online or heard in other media about certain vape products.

Vuse is a pioneer in vaping

Consumers are central to our product development. Our technical and scientific experts as well as our designers take great care in developing our devices and e-liquids which are tested for thousands of hours before you get them.

Read more about the process below.

Quality for everything

Consumer satisfaction is central to the design, development and production of our products. We scrutinize every detail of our products to measure their potential effects, from what's in the e-liquids to the vapor that comes out.

We help to set the standard

At Vuse, we endorse the importance of standards and guidelines for the industry. We continue to advocate for product standards and have contributed to the world's first non-binding standards for e-cigarettes, set by AFNOR (Association Française de Normalization) and the British Standards Institute.

360° scientific perspective

We want to bring the most reliable products to the market. That is why the components and materials are extensively tested with the most advanced tests. We employ more than 50 scientists, each of whom is experts in a variety of fields, from toxicology to product development and manufacturing, and from life sciences to analytical sciences.

  • 50
  • 1000s
    Test for hours before it reaches you.
  • 100+
    Product tests

How thoroughly do we test our products?

Only when we are completely convinced that a product meets our high quality requirements, we put it on the market.

01. Investigate vaping behavior

Our scientists use a vaping topography machine to determine how long and how deeply vapers inhale when using an e-cigarette.

02. Collecting the vapor

We then connect our e-cigarettes to a vaping simulator that simulates the vaping behavior. The vapor is collected and analyzed in detail.

03. Analysis of the vapor

Our scientists chromatograph the vapor to identify its components.

04. Assessment of the elements

Our professional toxicologists then look at the possible effects.

05. Reformulation and redesign

Based on our findings, we reformulate our e-liquids and redesign our devices to improve vapor quality. We only use high quality pharmaceutical and food safe ingredients to ensure maximum purity of our ingredients.

06. Approval Process

We repeat this entire process for every e-liquid, formula and type of device until we are completely satisfied with the result.

From our experts to our laboratories

We use a wide range of analysis techniques, specialized technology and expertise to develop and conduct in-depth product testing, both internally and in collaboration with accredited laboratories. From the flavors and formulas of e-liquids to the devices we produce and the combinations in which they are sold.

  • Vaping-topography machine

    We use this technology to investigate vaping behavior, specifically how long, how deeply and how often a user inhales it. This gives us an indication of the amount of vapor that a consumer can be exposed to on average during a day. A good understanding of vaping behavior is essential for preparing the risk assessment study.

  • Vaping simulator

    This clever bit of kit mimics the act of vaping. It helps us to establish the maximum number of puffs you get from each of our e-cigarette devices. This machine also contains a filter pad that allows us to collect vapour and analyse its components.

  • Chromatography machine

    We use this machine for identifying the components of vapour after it has been collected on the filter pad by our vaping simulator.

  • Vapor analyzer

    We use this technology to measure the droplet size of vapour to help us understand how capable the human body is at absorbing various droplet sizes produced by our devices.

  • Formula room

    It is here that our scientists and flavourists refine our formulations. This cycle of testing and reformulating is repeated until we are satisfied with the formulation.

Pod mods designed with quality assurance in mind

Because closed vaping devices work with liquid capsules intended for use with the device only, closed vaping devices provide greater control over the content of the liquid being vaporized and the way it is heated up compared to open systems.

Control from start to finish

There are two types of vaping devices: open systems and closed systems. In an open system, the device is filled by opening the reservoir (the “tank”) and pouring in the e-liquid contained in a bottle. In a closed system, the e-liquid is supplied in pre-filled, closed flavor cartridges (“liquid pods”).

  • Compatibility of the liquid with the device

    When testing our Vuse ePen and ePod devices and liquid pods, all our attention is focused on product performance and quality assurance. There is a specific liquid for each Vuse device.

  • To test

    We carry out over 100 product tests before you try the product.

  • Traceability

    For Vuse ePen and ePod, each batch is individually tested and given a unique number for traceability.

  • Protection against counterfeiting and contamination

    For Vuse ePen and ePod, batches are loaded into sealed, tamper-evident containers before being shipped to our e-cigarette factory. We seal our liquid pods in blister packs to protect from contamination.

Device and battery safety

The quality and design of batteries and heating elements in the e-cigarettes can be very different and thus affect the quality of the vapor. We review and fine-tune every aspect of all our devices, including the mechanics and electronics, to make the vaping experience as good and as safe as possible.

  • Third party assessment

    All Vuse devices are CE certified and assessed by independent testing laboratories.

  • RoHS

    Restricted Substances

    Restriction on use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

  • Product safety

    Compliance with General Product Safety Directive.

  • Safety of the device

    Compliance with Low Voltage Directive, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and Battery Safety Standard.

About our ingredients

Since the user is inhaling the vapor, it is essential for us to know exactly what is in our vapor. That's why we invest so much in quality assurance and research of every e-liquid and product we make - to continuously ensure the quality of the ingredients and the vapor.

Which ingredients do we use

Vuse e-liquids are made from high quality pharmaceutical and food safe ingredients. We make a toxicological risk assessment of every ingredient in our e-liquids and every material that comes into contact with the e-liquid or vapor in our e-cigarettes. We scrutinize every detail to understand its potential effects - from what's in the e-liquids to the vapor that comes out.

A Vuse e-liquid can contain up to 5 ingredients. Some e-liquids contain water, flavors and / or nicotine. Other e-liquids do not contain any of these ingredients. However, all our e-liquids have a few ingredients in common, most notably a base of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerine (VG). Read more about each ingredient below.

  • Propylene Glycol (PG)

    Propylene glycol (“PG”) is one of the two main ingredients of the e-liquid. It is colorless, clear and almost odorless. PG has little taste but supports the aroma in an e-liquid. We only use pharmaceutical grade propylene glycol in our Vuse products.

  • Glycerol (also known as vegetable glycerin or VG)

    VG is colourless and odourless but, unlike PG, it has a slightly sweet flavour. It’s more viscous than PG – so it produces much thicker vapour when heated, making higher-VG e-Liquids ideal for budding cloud chasers.

  • Nicotine

    Nicotine occurs naturally in several varieties of plant but is found at the highest level in the tobacco plant. It is widely understood that it is the burning of tobacco - not nicotine - that causes the majority of smoking related death and disease. Products that contain nicotine but involve no burning of tobacco are likely to emit far fewer and lower levels of toxicants compared to conventional cigarettes and have the potential to be significantly less harmful to health.

  • Aromas

    We only use food-grade flavourings which are thermally stable when vaporised. Our flavourists carefully craft our e-Liquids by selecting the flavour quantity (based on toxicological guidance).

Responsibility and transparency

Our responsibility extends far beyond the quality of our products. We strive to be open and transparent every step of the way. This is how we proceed:


Only for 18+

Our Vuse products are for adult smokers and vapers only.

Responsible practices

We remind our retailers to always check the age of all Vuse consumers.


A detailed ingredient list is included in all packaging. Read more about the ingredients we use here.

Our social team

From toxicology to product development and manufacturing, from life sciences to analytical sciences, our interdisciplinary team offers a so-called “360-degree perspective”. Our team of scientists is ready to answer all possible questions with their expertise.

Dr. David O’Reilly

BAT Group Scientific and R&D Director

“Following strict standards to ensure quality is the essence of what we do. For example, we design devices with safety features against overvoltage and overheating and we follow strict production processes and quality controls at every step of the production line ”.

Marina Trani

Global Head of New Categories, R&D

Marina ensures satisfaction with the performance and quality of our products before they are put on the market.

“Every new e-liquid and every new device that we develop is thoroughly tested. Only when we are completely satisfied will it be marketed.”

Helenda Digard

New Categories Applied Science Manager

Helena is responsible for setting up scientific platforms for Vuse e-cigarettes.

“We believe that fundamental knowledge of vaping, coupled with understanding user behavior, is key to e-cigarette innovation.”

Dominic Turner

Head of Vapour Product Development New Systems

Dominic heads the vaping systems R&D department, which develops products for consumers around the world.

“Our team is committed to innovating the next generation of devices and fluids for high quality and performance. Our strong internal and external collaboration enables us to strive for excellent product experience.”

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