Return of used products policy

Under EU legislation, the disposal of electrical and electronic appliances in household waste is prohibited. Electronic cigarettes, batteries and chargers are not household waste. Only the collection points provided for this purpose ensure your electrical and electronic waste is collected, reused and/or recycled in an environmentally friendly way.

You will find the nearest collection point here:


Directive 2012/19/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council of 4 July 2012 on waste electrical and electronic equipment (“WEEE”).

When electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) becomes waste, we refer to it as “WEEE” (“Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment”). For this waste, particular regulations apply, which have been brought together in the directive 2012/19/EU, better known as the WEEE directive. The majority of these obligations are regional material.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment can contain hazardous substances which, if not treated properly, could lead to damage to the environment and human health. The EU WEEE Directive was established to improve the management and recovery of WEEE. It sets recycling and recovery targets for WEEE and requires manufacturers and retailers to assist in the collection of WEEE for recovery and recycling. Manufacturers pay an annual fee for the safe collection and recycling of waste electrical products.

The EU WEEE Directive has been implemented in Belgium through the WEEE Regulations whereas the majority of these obligations are regional material. All European member states have an obligation to reduce the amount of WEEE deposited in landfill sites. The amount of available landfill space in Belgium and Europe is continually decreasing, and the WEEE Directive aims to cut down on the amount of electrical goods sent to landfill sites and ensure any recyclable WEEE products are collected and re-used. End-users have an important role to play in helping to improve the recovery of WEEE. Electrical and electronic goods are now marked with the image of a crossed-out wheelie bin, to signify that the product should not be disposed of as part of regular household waste, but rather should be separately collected for recovery and recycling.

When you need to dispose of your e-cigarette, please refer to the Return of Used Products Policy above, or contact your local authority for information on other publicly available collection and recycling facilities.

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