With such a wide variety of vape devices out there and so many options when it comes to the strength and flavour of e-liquid, it may feel like there’s lots to get your head around when you’ve switched to vaping. But the good news is that the world of vaping is easier to understand than most people realise.

If you’re still learning about how to vape, have a read of these practical tips and experiment with different vaping styles to find the method you enjoy best.


Vaping dos and don’ts

The world of vaping is surprisingly easy to get to grips with. The only tools you need are a vape device such as a e-pod or tank – along with e-liquid refills or cartridges. You could even opt for disposables, whereby the product is ready to use straight out of the box.



Invest in the right device. It’s important to reflect on your lifestyle, including how and where you’ll use your vape. Find the most suitable vape device for you, and the rest will follow. Size, convenience, ease-of-use and battery life are all worth thinking about before you buy.

Consider a starter kit. Product options like starter packs bundle together everything you need to get vaping. These will typically include a device such as an e-pen or tank, along with a small number of refills or e-liquid cartridges, so you’ve everything you need to set your vape up as soon as you open the box.

Use the right e-liquids. There’s no real wrong answer when it comes to finding vape flavours and nicotine strengths that you enjoy. But as a general rule of thumb, high nicotine strength liquids are better for low power devices, and low nicotine strength liquids produce the best results when used with high power devices.

Maintain your device. Most vape devices are refreshingly simple to use and look after. But do refer to your vape’s manual and heed any recommendations in terms of upkeep. This will ensure your product lasts and that you get plenty of use from it.



Leave e-liquids out in the sun. This can cause the quality of the ingredients to degrade. E-liquid is always best stored in a cool, dry and dark place – such as a cupboard or drawer.

Leave your vape switched on or charge for longer than needed. As in any portable device, batteries in vapes will naturally degrade over time. To get the most use out of your device, minimise the frequency of charge cycles and preserve battery whenever you can.

Buy from third parties and unofficial vendors. Unfortunately, there are fake, low quality vape devices and e-liquids out there. To ensure you’re getting the high quality product you were promised, buy from trustworthy sources. It always helps to learn the tell-tale signs of fake vape products.


Different vaping styles



This method is most popular with smokers and most closely resembles the sensation of smoking, recreating that familiar throat hit. It works best when using small vapes with high resistance coils, along with high nicotine strength e-liquid.

You start by drawing the vapour into the mouth and holding it there a second or two. You then open the mouth, breathing the vapour down into the lungs as you do. Once at the lungs, the vapour is exhaled.



The direct-to-lung method involves drawing vapour down to the lungs without any hesitation, followed by a similarly quick exhalation once the vapour gets there.

Many vapers like this shorter, sharper sensation. But it can be a little too much in high nicotine strengths, so is best enjoyed at strengths of 6MG or less.


Cigar puff

Some vapers prefer not to draw into the lungs at all. Instead, they puff on their vape as they would a cigar, holding the vapours in the mouth. This is still effective as a means of consuming nicotine, as nicotine is absorbed by membranes in the mouth. This is suitable for all device types and nicotine strengths, and whether or not to bring vapours down to the lungs is just a matter of personal preference. 

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