Can Vapes Explode?

As with all electronic devices, e-cigarettes need to be properly cared for to avoid any dangerous accidents. With the growing popularity of vaping, you may have seen news stories about “exploding e-cigs” or “explosive vapes”. This has unfortunately led to a fair amount of speculation and misinformation around the safety of these devices.  If vaping devices are properly used and all battery safety protocols are followed by manufacturers, these risks should be minimised.

While it is possible for certain vapes to explode in some rare cases, it is typically due to human error – most often the improper care of the device's internal lithium-ion (or Li-ion) batteries. This kind of battery is the same as those used in most personal electronics, including smart phones, laptops and electric toothbrushes.  All electronic devices using this type of battery are susceptible to explode if misused.

As advocates for the personal safety of vape users worldwide, we want to make sure that you have all the information you need about safe vaping. Read on to find out everything you need to know about how to care for your e-cigarette.


Why do some vapes explode?


Cases of exploding vapes are rare in Belgium due to strict controls over vaping brands to comply with a variety of regulations covering electronic devices.

It is widely thought that the most common point of mechanical failure in e-cigarettes is battery malfunction. While a previous US FEMA study suggested that 80% of incidents occur while a battery is charging, their subsequent research shows that the number is actually closer to 25%, attributing failures to other misuse causes.

The study suggests that while vapes left charging on unsuitable chargers can be a large contributor to explosions, there are several different factors that come into play. Almost all of these (aside from rare cases of regular battery failure) can be attributed to improper use.

For example, many of the cases involved the use of non-certified spare or replacement batteries (often bought from an online seller) or modifications made by the user. These can lead to the terminals of an unprotected battery meeting the metal of a key or coin, which can cause a spark to occur.  

Vuse closed system devices include the below preventative functionalities:

  • Our rechargeable closed system Vuse ePod 2 and ePen Vuse devices contain non-replaceable rechargeable batteries and our Vuse Go disposable device is non-rechargeable and contains a non-replaceable lithium-ion polymer battery
  • Vuse ePen, ePod 2 and Vuse GO are designed to operate within a recommended temperature range, from 0-35 C
  • Vuse ePen and ePod 2 devices have an overvoltage, overcurrent and a short-circuit protection function:
  • Vuse ePod 2 has a continuous puff time-out, if puffed for longer than 5 s continuously it will flash a white LED light 3 times and cut the power to the pod entirely and the vapour production will stop.
  • Vuse ePen and ePod 2 devices have an overheating protection function.
  • The new ePod 2 has enhanced splash and water resistance. Vuse GO disposable devices have a continuous puff time-out of (10sec).
  • The Vuse GO disposable vape has high and low heater resistance protection.


E-cigarette battery safety

One of the biggest problems that people face with e-cigarette batteries is low-quality manufacturing. Li-ion batteries are designed to be compact, lightweight and hold a considerable charge, as well as to perform well under constant recharging conditions. While this technology has revolutionised modern electronics, the higher price point has unfortunately also given rise to counterfeit batteries that can pose a considerable risk to users.

It’s important to invest in high-quality batteries and chargers from a trusted brand to ensure that they meet strict safety regulations. At Vuse, we meet all government regulations. You can also follow our handy list of Do’s and Don’ts to ensure you’re always using your e-cigarette battery safely.


How to prevent your e-cigarette from exploding



- Follow the product safety instructions.

Even if you have a friend with years of vaping experience to guide you, you should always read and follow the instructions in pack. These rules have been set by the experts on your specific e-cigarette.

- Use the charger that came with your device.

It is extremely important not to use any common charger for your e-cigarette. Although it may seem that it could be charged with the same cable as your phone, it isn’t guaranteed to have any of the necessary safety measures that prevent overcharging or voltage incompatibility.

- Pay attention to quality.

Never opt for the cheapest battery from unregulated vendors. While quality Li-ion batteries are safe if used as intended, these powerful energy sources can also be extremely hazardous if they come from non-certified producers. Our ePod 2 and ePen Vuse devices contain non-replaceable rechargeable batteries and Vuse Go is a disposable, non-rechargeable device containing a non-replaceable lithium-ion polymer battery. You can keep your original Vuse battery in safe and powerful condition by following our simple instructions for battery care.

- Buy travel-safe equipment to transport your vape

Transporting your e-cigarette can be one of the biggest causes for damage if it is rattling around unprotected. Whether you’re taking it on an international flight or just need to store it safely in your car, the proper transport equipment is a great choice to keep your device damage-free.



- Overcharge your e-cig battery.

Excessive charging can damage your battery. Avoid leaving your device charging for long periods of time, such as overnight while you are asleep. Make sure to keep an eye on your battery as it powers up and unplug it once the recommended charge has been reached.  

Although Vuse devices will automatically stop charging after 3 hours and the LED indicator will show the different charge levels, we advise you to never leave your device unattended whilst charging.

- Carry your battery loose in your pocket.

One piece of advice for open system users: Li-ion batteries are very delicate when they are not in the protective casing of their device, so it’s a good idea not to carry them loose. Always follow the removal and replacement instructions provided with your e-cigarette.

- Leave your battery in extreme temperatures.

Just like all batteries, extreme temperatures can badly damage an e-cigarette battery. A cool, dry place away from direct heat or cold is the best place for storage.  Always check the temperature range your device is designed to be used in.

Investing in high-quality e-cigarette devices from regulated suppliers and following the guidelines provided means that you can relax and enjoy your personal vaping experience. Vuse products meet all international and national safety requirements. They are rigorously tested to comply with all relevant battery and electrical safety standards for Belgium and the EU.  For additional important product safety information, read leaflet in pack.

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