Does vaping smell?

Vaping has the benefit that it doesn’t leave that stale smell you’d usually associate within cigarette smoking. But that’s not to say vaping is odourless. You will notice a smell being given off as you use a vape – usually a pleasant one that’s reflective of your flavour choices.

Our products are designed to be ash-free. That means no stale cigarette odour and no ash on your clothes: that’s the Vuse difference.*


Burnt coils

The smell your vape gives off should be pleasant. If you’re experiencing a smell that seems off or unpleasant, this will be an indicator that something is wrong. For your vape to convert e-liquid into a vapour, it uses a heated coil element. If the coil doesn’t have enough e-liquid on the wick to vapourise, it will instead begin to burn, resulting in that undesirable acrid smell when you vape. This could happen for several reasons, from taking too many puffs in a row to your pods running low. 

If you’re noticing this often, read our guide for burnt vape taste and how to fix it. 


Does vaping leave a film?

E-liquid contains a substance called vegetable glycerine (VG). This product is the base of many vape juices and contributes to the sweet smell and taste of the vapour. When the vapour is released, particles of VG will be dispersed into the air and eventually settle nearby. Over time, this will build up and create a film on surfaces. It can be particularly noticeable on windows, as dust will begin to stick to the film and impair the clarity of the glass.


Vape juice and fabrics


Does vape smell on clothes

As we’ve explained, particles given off by your vape do carry a scent and this will settle on nearby surfaces and fabrics in the short term – including your clothes. But the good news is that these particles are water-soluble. That means any scents will be removed during your usual clothes washing routine.


How do you get vape juice out of fabric?

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Vaping outside or in external doorways should ensure any lingering particles are dispersed well away from your fabrics. You could also try opening windows to improve ventilation, while using your vape in parts of the house where you find few fabrics (such as bathrooms and kitchens) is another option.

Vacuuming carpets regularly should help pick up many particles shed by your vape. You could also consider steam cleaning your soft furnishings every now and then to remove residue.


How do you get vape residue off car windows?


Washing up liquid

The soap in your standard household washing up liquid will comfortably break down residue from your vape. Mix up a bowl of soapy, warm water and use the soft side of a kitchen sponge to wipe and lather up the window. Then use a squeegee to remove excess foam and water from the glass, wiping the run-off up with a towel as you go.


Household window cleaner

Almost all household window cleaners contain vinegar, which is effective at breaking down tough, sticky substances like vape residue. You will need to take a microfibre cloth and apply a generous spraying of the fluid to your window(s). Then use the cloth to rub the glass in quick, circling motions with enough pressure to break up any marks or stains. Keep going until the cleaner has been spread so thinly it appears to dry out, so as to avoid leaving any streaks behind. 

*This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.


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