If you’re a smoker, you’ve no doubt heard that many people are making the switch to vaping. Simply put, vaping is the electronic, nicotine alternative to conventional cigarettes. A vape device turns e-liquids or nicotine salts into a consumable vapour with no process of burning or combustion. In turn, the user inhales vapour rather than smoke as they would with conventional cigarettes.

Vape devices are also different to cigarettes in that they allow the user to explore a variety of tasty flavours, ranging from crisp mint to golden tobacco. Consumers can also choose from e-liquids, nicotine salts and disposables of varying nicotine strength, so that they can enjoy nicotine at a level and in a way that’s appropriate for them.

Nowadays there’s a wide selection of vape devices on the market, each targeted towards the preferences of different audiences. While they all share the same basic principles of use, there are many differences in the way that they function and therefore how they should be used. After all, the priorities of a vaping newcomer will be different from that of a vaping expert.

In this, we look at the main aspects of vaping, focusing on the differences between various vape devices and explaining why they’re such a popular alternative to cigarettes.


What are e-Cigarettes?

E-cigarettes or ‘e-cigs’ are the same thing as vapes. Both are catch-all terms for a range of electronic devices that heat a liquid containing nicotine or nicotine salts until it vapourises. The variety of device options within these terms is wide, so there’s lots of ways to tailor your vaping experience and no single idea of what an e-cigarette is and looks like.

In the simplest sense, vapes and e-cigarettes are devices containing a battery, a heating element, and a nicotine product to be consumed – usually e-liquid or nicotine salts. When activated, the battery sends power to the heating element. Once it reaches the optimum temperature, liquid or salts will pass over the heating element and rapidly be converted to a vapour. This is then inhaled by the user, with nicotine and tasty flavours contained within it.


Vaping as a smoking alternative

Vaping is especially popular among former smokers. And with lots of advantages over conventional cigarette smoking, it’s not difficult to see why.

First and foremost, the starkest difference is that there’s no tobacco in vapes. That means vapes are free from the health risks associated with this particular ingredient*. It’s also the burning of tobacco in cigarettes that creates the smoke, smell and ash. With no tobacco and no burning – rather vapes use heat to vapourise liquids and salts – vaping is free from these too. That helps make vaping an altogether more convenient and sociable way of enjoying nicotine.

That’s not the only benefit to vaping vs smoking. Unlike cigarettes, vapes and e-liquids are offered in a tasty range of flavours for you to try, from sweet and fruity through to refreshing and minty. You can also choose your own nicotine strength, while e-liquids of various VG and PG ratios will give different vaping experiences. And that’s before we mention how the various vape device types cover different bases in terms of ease of use, portability and customisation. It would be fair to say that vaping offers a level of personalisation that smoking simply cannot.


Types of vaping devices

The main types of vape devices are: 

• Regular e-cigarettes
• AIOs
• Pod vapes
• Disposables


Regular e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are activated by the user taking a drag, but in some cases, they must be turned on and primed first. Priming means simply clicking a button a few times to have the e-liquid start flowing. Some use disposable cartridges and others are designed to be manually refilled by the user. If there is no e-liquid or cartridge included when you purchase a vape, you will need to follow the instructions on how to fill the tank or add a cartridge.



AIOs or All-in-Ones are refillable devices, with e-liquid topped up manually by pouring into a permanent tank. They also generally require the user to press a button to activate the device before taking a puff. Some may require you to hold the button while inhaling the vapour, or to adjust the wattage during use to get the level right.


Pod vapes

Pod vapes are a slightly easier means of vaping. Simply puff and go without having to hold a button down. With pod vapes, there are a wide variety of disposable cartridge e-liquids to choose from. You’ll discard and replace the cartridge when it’s finished, but recharge and reuse the device time and time again.



Disposable vapes come as a single unit device that’s ready to use straight out of the box, simply by puffing from the mouthpiece. They can’t be refilled and will last for a time, after which the whole unit is discarded appropriately.

If you think it’s time to make the switch to vaping, browse the Vuse product range today. Our vape device options include everything from refillable tank vapes through to super convenient disposables, not to mention easy-to-use ePens and ePods. Once you’ve chosen your device, take your pick from the tasty flavours among our e-liquids and nicotine salts.


*This product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.


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