Vaping devices have evolved at an incredible rate since the first modern e-cigarette was invented in 2003, and there is now a huge array of vapes to choose from. But which type of vape is right for you?

There are a few fundamental things all vapes have in common. They all carry out the same essential function. They heat an e-liquid containing nicotine, as well as other ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (known as PG and VG), plus plant products and flavourings. Once heated, this liquid becomes a vapour that can be inhaled. All vapes offer perks over conventional cigarettes, such as no smoke and ash, while the lack of tobacco means you won’t need to worry about the health risks associated with this ingredient*. You’ll also find a tasty range of flavours across all vape device types.

But the similarities stop there. The range of vape devices available today offer distinct benefits and are targeted towards different types of vapers. Your level of experience, your preferred size and how much you want to spend should all be factors in your decision, so it's important to do your research before deciding on your vape.

Read on to learn more about the various vape devices in the Vuse range. If you’re considering a transition from smoking to vaping, see our what is vaping guide for more information on how vaping works.


Choose your device

Among our e-cigarette device product range, there are three distinct types of vapes.


Pod vapes

A pod vape is a compact and lightweight vaping device. Its two main features are a cartridge that houses the e-liquid and a powerful rechargeable battery that heats the cartridge and produces vapour for you to inhale. Once your e-liquid cartridge is empty, simply remove it and replace it with a new one.

ePens are another type of pod vape. They work in much the same way, with a simple, pocket-friendly design that consists of a battery element and a replaceable cartridge containing e-liquid.

Pods and pens are really easy to use, making them a great option for those smokers who’ve recently made the switch to vaping. If that’s you, our ePod kit is a good place to begin.



Tanks are the bulkiest of all the vaping devices. They tend to feature a larger battery which helps them go for longer, and you can switch in different components like batteries, atomisers and e-liquid tanks to customise your device. You can also control wattage, power and temperature to vary the intensity and taste of your vaping experience. It’s for this reason that they’re sometimes referred to as box mods.

Tank devices are best for those wanting to tailor their vape to their preferences. That’s why they’re better suited to more experienced vapers and those who don’t mind carrying round the extra weight. 



Non-rechargeable vaping devices are the smallest and simplest vapes on the market. They’re ready to use the second you open the box, with e-liquid already stored inside the device’s unit. There aren’t even any buttons – simply put your mouth to the mouthpiece and begin to inhale. Disposables like ours will last for up to 500 puffs**, and once it’s run out, you simply discard the entire unit appropriately. Compact and super lightweight, disposables are virtually no hassle at all to carry around with you.


Tanks vs pods vs disposables


Pods vs tanks

Pods and tanks have something in common in that they’re both rechargeable devices. Unlike disposables which are discarded, you’ll use your pod or tank time and time again, topping up the e-liquid as you go.

With pods, this is done via a cartridge which is quickly and easily inserted and replaced as you go. Meanwhile, tanks require manual filling of e-liquid into a permanent, in-built tank. In this area pods may be more convenient, but you won’t be able to take advantage of all the customisable features available with a tank device. On the other hand, all those extra components on a tank vape need regular cleaning and maintenance.

The other dividing line is size and weight. Pods and pens are lightweight and small. By comparison, tanks are pretty clunky.

It’s for these reasons that pods are great for smokers looking for an alternative. There’s minimal upkeep and they’re easy to use and carry around. But those seeking that tailored vaping experience will want to consider a tank.


Tanks vs disposables

Tanks and disposables are two very different ends of the product range. The customisation on offer with tanks will appeal to experienced vapers who want to fine-tune their experience. They’re big and bulky however, and you’ll certainly be aware of your device’s presence in your pocket or bag. They also need looking after with regular cleaning and replacement of parts, so are only really suited to committed vapers.

There’s zero customisation with disposables. In fact, you can’t even access a disposable’s tank to refill it. But unlike tank devices, they couldn’t be easier to carry around and use on the go. What’s more, there’s no maintenance involved. Simply discard your used disposable in the relevant bins and start over.


Disposables vs pods

Disposables and pods share a common thread in that they’re both light, small and nimble. Neither device will give you any issues as you carry it about your business. In fact, disposables are designed with use on the go in mind. Simply pop your disposable out of the box, puff away whenever you like, and discard once it runs out.

Pods and pens are a good investment as the unit will last you at least a year or so***, meaning you’ll only need to purchase e-liquid pods to keep vaping. But it’s worth being mindful that pod vapes will need charging regularly, which may be an issue if you vape often and are out and about for long periods.

If that’s helped you make your mind up, browse the Vuse e-cigarette device product range today. Whichever device you opt for, you’ll have your pick of various nicotine strengths and tasty flavours when it comes to our eLiquids.

Any more questions about the world of vaping? Head over to our know your vape portal, where you’ll find plenty of articles and practical tips to get you up to speed.


* product is not risk-free and contains nicotine, an addictive substance.

**Based on laboratory testing of newly manufactured product and may vary depending on individuals usage behaviour.

***A well-maintained, regularly used Vuse ePod is designed to last at least 12 months. But this may vary, depending on your own personal vaping behaviour.

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