If you’ve had a few Vuse pods stashed away in a cupboard for a while, it’s only natural to wonder whether they’ll still be okay to use. So, let’s find out more about how long e-liquid lasts before going bad. 

What is e-liquid made from?

Each of our eLiquids has up to five ingredients. One of these is water. The remaining four are:

• Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – a base ingredient of all e-liquids. It’s a colourless, odourless substance that helps to give the vape its pleasant, sweet flavour.

• Propylene Glycol (PG) – another base ingredient that’s clear and almost odourless. It has little taste of its own, but acts as a carrier for the e-liquid’s specific flavourings.

• Nicotine – a substance that occurs naturally in several species of plant, including the tobacco plant. Products such as e-liquids that contain nicotine but involve no burning of tobacco are likely to emit far fewer and lower levels of toxicants compared to conventional cigarettes.

• Flavourings – these food-grade ingredients give the vapour its distinct flavour. 


How long does e-liquid last?

How long e-liquid keeps depends on the particular mixture of ingredients being used within it. Most have an expiration date of one to two years from their formulation.


How should you store e-liquid?

Ensuring your e-liquid is stored in the right conditions will help reduce the risk of it going off before it ought to. Provided you look after your pods, they should be good for you to use many months after you buy them. Make sure you keep your e-liquid:


Away from direct sunlight

Bright sunlight can cause unusual temperature changes to your e-liquid, which encourage ingredients to break down. Keep your pods in a dark cupboard or drawer, and never on windowsills or in cars.


Away from heat

Warm air will shorten the lifespan of natural ingredients contained within the e-liquid. Pods are always best stored somewhere cool where temperatures are unlikely to top 25°C.


In airtight conditions

Keeping your e-liquid sealed until it’s ready to use is vital in keeping it fresh. Ensure any pod or cartridge lids stay securely tightened, so air cannot seep into the bottle. 


How to tell if e-liquid is out of date? 

There will be some tell-tale signs that your vape juice has expired and shouldn’t be used. These include:


Change in smell

E-liquid should have a pleasant and enjoyable smell both before and after it’s vapourised. If your e-liquid is off, you may notice an unusual change in smell – one that’s unpleasant.



Over time, it’s perfectly normal for the ingredients within e-liquid to separate. In most cases, a quick shake should be enough to fix the problem. But if that doesn’t do the trick and ingredients remain separated, this suggests your e-liquid has expired.



Changes in colour are another immediate indicator that something’s not right with your e-liquid. Shaking may solve the problem, but if it doesn’t, it’s best not to use a pod that appears an unusual or unexpected colour. 


How to read Vuse expiration dates?

All of our Vuse eLiquids come in pods – created specifically for our range of ePens and ePods. And you can be sure our pod-mods are designed with safety in mind. As one of our quality measures, our cartridges and pods are individually packed and sealed.*

When it comes to expiration dates, it’s difficult to gauge how long e-liquid will last, as it could keep well for up to two years depending on the mixture of ingredients. If you’d like to check any pods or cartridges, keep an eye out for the serial number printed in black on the back. This contains a string of numbers which indicate when the e-liquid was produced. This should help you determine whether the pod is okay to use.

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