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Pod mods designed
with quality
assurance in mind

Because closed vaping devices are accompanied by liquid pods intended to be used with the device, closed vaping devices offer more control over what liquid is vaped and the way the liquid is heated compared to open systems.

Click on each section to learn more about the components of our Pod Mods and closed vaping systems.

Full control from start to finish

There are two types of vaping devices in the world: open system and closed system devices. In an open system device, vapers put the E-Liquid in by opening up the tank of the device and filling it from a bottle. In closed system devices, the E-Liquid comes in pre-filled, closed flavour cartridges, known as Pod Mods.

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Device liquid compatibility

For ePen and ePod, we test our liquid pods and devices together with product performance and quality assurance in mind. E-Liquids are specifically formulated for each Vuse device. Find out more about what we use in our Vuse pods on our e-liquid ingredients guide.

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We carry out over 100 product tests before you try the product. Read more on our rigorous testing approach here.

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For Vuse ePen and ePod, each batch is individually tested and given a unique number for traceability.

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Tampering and contamination protection

For Vuse ePen and ePod, batches are loaded into sealed, tamper-evident containers before being shipped to our e-cigarette factory. We seal our liquid pod mod in blister packs to protect from contamination.

Device and battery safety features of our pod mods

The quality and design of batteries and heating elements in e-cigarettes can differ widely, which affects the characteristics of the vapour.

We assess and refine every element of all our devices, including the mechanics and the electronics, to create the best possible vaping experience.

Third party assessment

All Vuse devices are CE certified and assessed by independent third-party testing laboratories.

Restricted substances

Restriction on use of certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive.

Product safety

Compliance with General Product Safety Directive.

Device safety

Compliance with Low Voltage Directive, Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive and Battery Safety Standard.

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