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Vape Quality Matters

At Vuse, we realise you may have real concerns about vaping, especially after everything you’ve seen online and heard in the media about certain vaping products.

If so, then you’ve come to the right place, this is exactly why we created this platform. At Vuse, we want to provide you with accurate and relevant vaping information you need to address your concerns or questions you have about vaping, because at Vuse, the quality of your vaping experience matters.

Is vaping safe?

What information is reliable?

who can I trust?

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Pioneers in vapour science

Our consumers are at the heart of product development.

Designed with quality assurance in mind

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Responsibility and transparency

Our commitment to you

Vuse is a pioneer in vapour science

Consumers are at the heart of product development. That's why our specialist vape team of technical, scientific and engineering experts carefully craft our devices and E-Liquids.

Learn more about the process below.

How Vuse stands out for it's quality

Consumer satisfaction is at the heart of everything we do in the design, development and manufacturing of our products. We scrutinise every detail of our products – from what goes into the E-Liquids to the vapour that comes out.

  • We only use high-quality ingredients in our E-Liquids
  • We assess every single ingredient and every single material
  • We test each batch of E-Liquid and ensure it is traceable and tamper-proof
  • We design our products with safety features to protect against over-voltage and over-heating
  • We enforce strict manufacturing processes and quality controls

Quality vaping standards

We advocate for product standards and have contributed to the world’s first voluntary standards on e-cigarettes, created by the French Standards Institute AFNOR and the British Standards Institute.

Our 360° science perspective

Our aim is to build the most reliable products possible. So, we conduct state of the art testing for our components and materials. We employ more than 50 scientists covering many disciplines, ranging from toxicology to device development and manufacturing, biosciences to analytic computing.

How rigorously do we test our vape products?

All our products go through 1000 hours of testing by 50 scientists before reaching you. Only when we are fully satisfied that a product meets our high-quality standards do we allow it to go on the market.

01. Knowing how you vape

Our scientists use a vaping topography machine to determine how long and how deeply vapers inhale when using an e-cigarette.

02. Collecting the vapour

We then connect our e-cigarettes to a vaping simulator. This simulates vaping behaviour and collects the vapour for detailed analysis.

03. Analysing the vapour

Our scientists put the vapour through a chromatography testing process to identify its components.

04. Assessing the elements

Our professional toxicologists then asses the elements.

05. Reformulating and re-engineering

Based on our findings, we reformulate our E-Liquids and re-engineer our devices to improve vapour quality. We only use high-quality pharmaceutical and food grade ingredients to maximise purity of ingredients.

06. Approving process

We repeat this entire process for every E-Liquid, formulation and device we make until we are fully satisfied with the results.

Our laboratories

We use a wide range of analytical techniques, specialised technology and expertise to develop and conduct detailed tests of our products internally and with third party accredited laboratories. From the flavours and E-Liquids we formulate, to the devices we manufacture, to the combinations in which they are sold.

* Images are for illustrative purposes only

Vaping topography machine

We use this technology to measure vaping behaviour, specifically how long, how deep and how often consumers inhale. This gives us an indication of how much vapour on average a consumer can be expected to be exposed to throughout the day. Having a clear understanding of these vaping patterns helps us to design the risk assessment study.

Vaping simulator

This clever bit of kit mimics the act of vaping. It helps us to establish the maximum number of puffs you get from each of our e-cigarette devices. This machine also contains a filter pad that allows us to collect vapour and analyse its components.

Chromatography machine

We use this machine for identifying the components of vapour after it has been collected on the filter pad by our vaping simulator.

Vapour analyser

We use this technology to measure the droplet size of vapour to help us understand how capable the human body is at absorbing various droplet sizes produced by our devices.

Formulation room

It is here that our scientists and flavourists refine our formulations. This cycle of testing and reformulating is repeated until we are satisfied with the formulation.

Responsibility and transparency

Our responsibility extends far beyond just the quality of our products. We’re committed to being open and transparent at every turn. Here’s how:

18+ only

We age verify on our website and in our own vape stores to ensure our Vuse products are available to adult smokers and vapers only.


Our product packaging comes with a detailed list of every ingredient inside. Because if it is important to you, it needs to be visible to you.

Meet the team of vape science experts that makes it possible

From toxicology to device development and manufacturing, biosciences to analytic computing, we have a 360-degree perspective from engineers and scientists, collaborating together. Our expert vape team are ready to provide their expertise to help answer your questions.

Dr David O'Reilly

“Following high standards to ensure quality is at the heart of everything we do. For instance, we design devices with safety features to protect against overvoltage and over-heating and enforce strict manufacturing processes and quality controls at every stage of the production line”.

Marina Trani

Global Head of New Categories, R&D

Marina ensures we are satisfied with the performance and quality of our products before they go to market.

“We rigorously test every new E-Liquid and every new device we develop. Only when we are fully satisfied do we allow it in the market.”

Helena Digard

New Categories Applied Science Manager

Helena is responsible for managing the development of science platforms for Vuse e-cigarettes.

“We believe the fundamental science of vaping linked with an understanding of consumer behaviour is key to the innovation of e-cigarettes.”

Dominic Turner

Head of Vapour Product Development, New Systems

Dominic leads the R&D organisation for vapour systems, developing products for consumers around the world.

“Our team innovate next generation devices and liquids for high quality and performance. Thanks to our broad collaboration internally and externally, we strive for a great product experience.”

Let us answer your questions

We hope we have answered your questions but if you still feel unclear about something after looking through our site, feel free to call or write to us.

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*18+ only. This product contains nicotine and is addictive. For adult nicotine or tobacco consumers only.

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