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Take the quiz to answer some questions about your vaping and flavour preferences. It takes only 1 -2 minutes to complete.

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Based on your responses, we'll serve up three personalised flavour recommendations.

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At Vuse, we take flavour seriously. Use our interactive flavour selector to help you to navigate our VUSE flavour range.

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Flavour FAQS

What is the Vuse flavour selector?expand_more
A digital tool which uses AI, together with your responses to questions on your vaping and flavour preferences, to help you find Vuse flavours and to better navitgate the Vuse flavour range. Once you've completed the flavour navigator you'll be presented with your personalised flavour profile, and three Vuse flavour recommendations that our purpose built algorithm recommends.
How does it work?expand_more
As you select your favourite flavours and textures from the options given on screen, the Vuse flavour selector maps your personalised flavour profile, which it then uses to match you with the Vuse flavours.
How does the flavour selector make recommendations?expand_more
The flavour selector uses your personalised flavour profile to match you with the Vuse flavours.
How do I access the VUSE flavour selector?expand_more
Click here to access the Vuse flavour selector. Alternatively, you can login and access it through your Vuse account. You can use and update your profile at any time.
How many flavours does the selector choose from?expand_more
The selector makes recommendations from all 24 Vuse flavours which are currently available in the UK.
How long does it take to complete?expand_more
It should only take a couple of minutes to build your personalised flavour profile and receive your recommended Vuse flavours.
How can I purchase my flavour recommendations?expand_more
Simply tap the ADD TO BASKET button when you see your recommendations, then log into your account or sign up to check out and complete your purchase.
Do I need to log into my account to access the flavour selector?expand_more
You do not need to log in or have an account to use the flavour selector, but you will need an account to either purchase your recommendations online or save your flavour profile for later.
What if I buy a flavour which has been recommended which I don’t like? Can I get a refund? expand_more
Unfortunately Vuse is unable to offer refunds if you don't enjoy a particular flavour you have purchased.
Can anyone use the flavour selector?expand_more
Anyone over the age of 18, who is an existing nicotine user, can use the flavour selector.
What happens if I don’t like my recommendations? Can I still buy my favourite flavour?expand_more
If you do not like your recommendations, you may swap each recommended flavour for a new one. If you still do not like any of the flavours then you may return to the flavour selector and enter new answers to generate a new set of flavour matches.
How much do I have to pay for the flavour selector?expand_more
The flavour selector is free to use. If you like any of the recommended flavours presented by the selector you will be presented with the price and the ability to add your recommended flavours to your basket.
Do I need a Vuse device to use the flavour selector?expand_more
No, you do not need a device to use the flavour selector, but you will be asked to choose your preferred device (either ePod or ePen) so that our flavour navigator can recommend the correct pods. This will be added to your basket in order to proceed but can remove the device from your basket before making a purchase if you wish.
Does the flavour selector recommend which nicotine level I should purchase?expand_more
The flavour selector will not recommend a nicotine strength.
Do I have to purchase the flavours recommended to me?expand_more
There is no obligation to buy any of the flavours the flavour selector recommends.