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What are vape coils?

Vape coils are the part of your vape device responsible for heating up the e-liquid and turning it into vapour. They're made from a coiled wire and a cotton wick – the wick absorbs the e-liquid and then the coil heats the wick, creating vapour which you then inhale.

What is a vape atomiser?

An atomiser is the same thing as a vape coil. It’s the replaceable part of the tank that turns your e-liquid into vapour. Find out more about atomisers.

What is a clearomiser?

A clearomiser is a clear atomiser. Since they’re see-through, users can monitor how much e-liquid they have left in their device. Find out more about clearomisers.


How long to vape coils last?

If you use your device regularly, then your vape coils will typically last from 1-4 weeks. This will vary based on your device, how much you use it and the type of e-liquid you use.


When should I change my atomiser/vape coil?

It’s important to regularly replace your atomiser. You’ll know it’s time to change your atomiser/vape coil if you experience a burning taste, your e-liquid tastes off, vapour production becomes weak, your device starts to leak or you notice a gurgling sound when you inhale. Find out more about when to change your atomiser/vape coil.


How do I change my vape coil?

1.       Disassemble your vape device

2.       Empty the remaining e-liquid from the tank

3.       Soak your new coils with e-liquid

4.       Unscrew your old coil and replace with the new one

5.       Refill and reassemble your tank

Discover more in-depth instructions for changing your vape coil.

What happens if you don't change a vape coil?

Failure to change your vape coil will result in an unpleasant burning taste in your throat when you inhale.

When should I clean my clearomiser?

You should clean your clearomiser every time you change your e-liquid to help prevent the build-up of gunk and grime. You should also clean it if the vapour starts to taste bad.

Why is my vape coil burning so fast?

Chain vaping is the most common cause of your vape coil burning out. It could also be the result of high-power vaping or incorrectly priming your coils, or it could be that you’re running low on vape juice – it’s important to keep it topped up. Learn more about why your vape is burning out.