Verify: Our Youth Access Prevention Programme

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Our VUSE products are specifically designed for adult smokers and nicotine users who want to switch. Therefore, we take youth access to our products very seriously.

We do a number of things to ensure people under 18 do not have access to VUSE products, including:

1.      We have limited our flavour range and pack designs to ensure they do not appeal to youth 

2.      All of our products and marketing  are labelled for use by those aged over 18 only

3.      We only allow age verified customers to purchase from Vuse.com by matching their personal details against a variety of databases including the UK Electoral Roll and UK National Identity Register

In addition to this, we have introduced our Youth Access Prevention programme VERIFY.

VERIFY provides retailers and their staff that sell Vuse products with display materials, support and training on how to avoid selling nicotine products to under 18s and ensuring compliance with the law.

You may have also started to notice our Verify logo on our website, social media posts, leaflets about our products and posters in our Vuse stores.

We want you to know that we are working extremely hard to ensure youth access to our nicotine products never happens.  If you have any questions about Verify, please get in contact with our customer care team.                                

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