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What are TPD and TRPR?

In May 2016, the Tobacco & Related Products Regulations 2016 (TRPR) came into force in the UK. TRPR implemented the majority of provisions from the European Union Tobacco Products Directive (TPD)  into UK law, regulating the manufacture and sale of  vaping products.

TRPR-compliant vapes: What does it mean?

At Vuse, we not only meet all TRPR requirements - we are a proud advocate and contributor to the world’s first voluntary standards on e-cigarettes, created by the French Standards Institute AFNOR and the British Standards Institute. From our e-cigarettes to our e-liquids, our commitment to being a responsible brand is at the heart of everything we manufacture, so we always make sure that every product is fully compliant.

But what does “TRPR-compliant” mean exactly? We’ve made a list of key points to help you check that all your vaping products are compliant according to these regulations. Let’s take a look:

What is TRPR?

TRPR are regulations that came into effect on the 20th May 2016. These cover every aspect of e-cigarettes, setting high manufacturing quality standards of vaping products to the advertising of e-cigarettes. These regulations have been introduced in order to ensure safety and quality of e-cigarettes, providing vapers with greater certainty regarding the products that they buy.

What are the key rules to being TRPR compliant?

These regulations brought about many new requirements to the e-cigarette category, such as a nicotine limits, maximum size of refill bottles and the size of the tanks themselves. The appearance of packaging has also changed, with health warnings and ingredients lists also being required.

How do I ensure my e-cigarettes are compliant?

There’s a lengthy list of requirements that your e-cigarette must check off to be TRPR compliant. Luckily, if you buy a Vuse device, you can rest assured that all of our products meet the required standards. Here’s a list of all the requirements you need to know to check your vaping supplies are fully TRPR compliant:

E-cigarette tanks should have a maximum e-liquid capacity

The maximum capacity for a tank should not exceed 2 ml (this includes disposable electronic cigarettes, and single use cartridges). Our pre-filled Pod Mods are a great option for beginner vapers that want a simple user experience.

Maximum eLiquid refill bottle (containing nicotine) should be no more than 10ml

Every e-liquid bottle which contains nicotine is restricted to a maximum of 10 ml per bottle.

Highest nicotine strength should be 20mg

20mg is the highest strength we supply at Vuse. This gives many ex-smokers the most satisfying emulation of their experience smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.

E-cigarettes must be packaged in a child-safe bottle

Our attention to detail when it comes to safety starts from the bottle. Our eLiquids are child resistant and tamper evident as well as being protected against breakage or leakage.

Ingredients shouldn’t contain caffeine, taurine or colourings

E-liquid purity is one of the most important factors in vape safety.

Packaging must indicate that the product contains nicotine and is addictive

Having all the important product information to help you make an informed health decision is vital to vaping responsibly.

How is Vuse following the TRPR guidelines?

  • All of our products and any substantial modifications to existing products are notified in accordance with TRPR.
  • We submit formulation/toxicology and emissions data for each new product we develop prior to making our products available for sale. Without this notification, new products cannot be released.

What does the future look like for Vuse products?

We are dedicated to continually improving all aspects of our products while always remaining TRPR compliant. While following the regulations can present some challenges, our goal has always been to develop our best products that you can trust.

Now you have all the information you need about TRPR Regulations to help you stay safe and informed on your vaping journey. Why not check out our beginners guide to vaping?


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