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Welcome to the Vuse Blog. Here you will find all of the latest vaping news, updates from Vuse and interesting information about our products and vaping as a whole. Think of it as all your Vuse news in one place! Looking for information about the ingredients in our vapes or why you should put trust in us? Visit the vape quality hub.

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    Part II of the Vype Vaping History

    You can discover more about the story behind Vype's technology in the second part of their blog post series by clicking here.

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    Behind the scenes with our vape blog

    Discover the science behind the flavours of vapour, from how they're made to how they work, with this blogpost from Vype.

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    The Vype standard of quality

    We want to make sure that Vype stands for quality. Click here to read our post on the six ways that we ensure just that.

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    How Do We Craft An eLiquid?

    Our eLiquids are all blended with great care and expertise. Want to know how we create our famous eliquids? This is our meticulous 8 stage blending process.

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    Debrett's guide to vaping etiquette

    As vaping continues to become more popular, these simple principles of etiquette by Debrett’s can improve understanding between vapers and non-vapers.

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    Prioritising eCigarette battery safety

    At Vype we test our eCigarette devices again and again and again, and when we’re done with that, we get other people to test them.

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    The Pioneers Of Flavour Development

    A brief history of Vype's eCigarette flavours and the pioneers who led to some of their major innovations.

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    Just how different can vapours be?

      Our own tests and those from independent researchers have found differences in the contents of vapour produced by different e-cigarettes. This is why we put care and expertise into every eLiquid, every flavour and every product we make, to ensure consistently high quality vapour. "Since

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    Our Team of Experts

    Making high quality eLiquids is complicated, that’s why we call the experts; our 37 scientists and their 16 PhDs working at Vype!

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    Meet our experts in vapour science

    Discover how Vype's expertise in vapour science leads to the smoothest and most satisfying vape around.

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    Is Vaping Allowed In Pubs?

    Is vaping allowed in pubs? Since the smoking ban in pubs, some regulations are a bit unclear, so read more about it here.

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    How Much Nicotine Do You Get From Vaping?

    Wondering how much nicotine is in an eLiquid? Learn here about nicotine strength and how much you take in when vaping.

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