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    Travel Tips for Vapers

    At Vype we have created the ultimate list of traveling tips to avoid any extra hassle when travelling with eLiquids or vaping devices!

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    Can I Use My Vaping Device on a Train in the UK?

    Not sure whether it’s acceptable to vape on a train? Find out if you can use your vape on public transport in the UK here.

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    Different Types Of Vape Coils And Other Vaping Components

    Discover our guide to the differences between atomisers, clearomisers & cartomisers, and understand how vape coils work.

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    Is Vaping Allowed At Work?

    Find out more about what the UK law says concerning your rights to use your e-cigarette in the workplace.

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    Is Vaping Legal Indoors?

    Find out the regulations around vaping inside the home, and indoors from the vaping experts here at Vuse.

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    How to Fix a Leaking Vape Tank

    Are you struggling with a leaking vape? Find out what might be causing your leak and what you can do to fix it.

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    VG & PG E-Liquid - What Is The Meaning Behing These Vaping Terms?

    All our e-liquids contain the ingredients PG and VG. But what are they, and how do they affect your vaping experience?

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    What Is An Atomiser?

    Have you ever wondered how exactly your eLiquid gets turned into a cloud of vapour? Find out about your atomiser here.

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    What Is A Drip Tip?

    Curious about what a drip tip is or how to configure your drip tip vape? Learn what dripping is here.

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    Vape Juice Explained

    EJuice vs eLiquid. What’s the difference and what do they mean? Read more about vape juice in our article now.

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    What Is An All Day Vape (ADV)?

    When it comes to choosing an e-liquid, (which is also often called vape juice), there is no right or wrong way to go about it. There aren’t any rules about which flavour you choose, it’s as simple as picking out those that sound appealing. Some people love the sweeter aromas, others prefer something

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    How to Refill a Vape?

    Each vaping device has a different method to refill liquid. For an optimal vaping experience, learn how to refill your vape.

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