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Welcome to the Vuse Blog. Here you will find all of the latest vaping news, updates from Vuse and interesting information about our products and vaping as a whole. Think of it as all your Vuse news in one place! Looking for information about the ingredients in our vapes or why you should put trust in us? Visit the vape quality hub.

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    Vuse Store Opening

    New Vuse Inspiration Stores Opening Soon in the UK and in Europe. Take a look.

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    Vuse Product Testing

    At Vuse, we ensure quality is at the heart of what we do by working with experts who spend hours testing our products.

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    How do I refill my e-cigarette?

    Each vaping device has a different method of refilling liquid. To ensure optimal vaping experience, learn how to properly refill your device.

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    Nicotine Salts: What Are Nic Salts?

    What are nicotine salts? How do they impact your vaping experience? Find out about the vPro range's special ingredient.

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    Meet Vuse's Vaping Robot

    How do Vuse test the quality of vapour? We built a vaping robot to test our vapour. Learn more about Vuse's testing here.

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    The Vaping Glossary

    In need of an introduction to eCigarettes? Learn the must-know vaping terminology with the Vuse Vaping Glossary blog.

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    How To Smoke a Vape

    So, you want to start vaping? Our blog has a lot of content to introduce you to vaping. Start reading here.

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    The Science of Vaping - A Talk With Marina Murphy

    Discover the science behind the Vuse range and how we guarantee the quality of our products, with this talk about vaping.

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    Vape Storage

    To get the most from your eCigarette, you need to look after it. See our top tips on how to store your Vuse device here.

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    Learn How We Assess Product Safety

    Learn more from Vype's Head of Product Safety, Kevin McAdam in this eCigarette safety Q&A.

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    Meet the Vype experts

    George McLachlan is Vype’s Product Development Associate. Learn about the process of blending eLiquids and crafting new vaping flavours.

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    eLiquid Ingredients: What are eliquids made of?

    How do they make eLiquids? Discover the ingredients and science behind Vype's range of eLiquid flavours with this blog post.

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