Peppermint Ice - E-Liquid Cap for your ePod

CHF 5.20

Peppermint Ice, Vuse's e-liquid with a classic peppermint flavour an Icy cool twist.

Peppermint Ice is one of our new e-liquids that brings new taste sensations. Try it now!

This box contains one cap of Peppermint Ice e-liquid for your ePod e-cigarette.

How to use Peppermint Ice e-liquid caps?

Installing the Peppermint Ice flavoured e-liquid cap is simple. To insert them in your ePod e-cigarette, simply clip the cap into your ePod.

To start vaping, there is no button on the ePod. Simply inhale to activate the Vuse ePod e-cigarette.

The box contains one cap of Peppermint Ice e-liquid.


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