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Vuse Pass on the Savings Program Terms and Conditions

  1. The Vuse Pass on the Savings Program Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) are listed below. These Terms should be read together with the Website Terms and ConditionsConditions of Sale, Privacy Policy, and any other documents we refer to in these Terms or those documents.  If you have any questions about our services or products, please contact us at 1-833-308-8873 /
  2. Offer for Adult Vapers/Smokers: customers with a valid account and who have placed a minimum order of $25 (excluding shipping and taxes) (“Participating Customers”) are eligible to participate in the “Pass on the Savings” offer. Participating Customers can receive $20 in credit redeemable on products available through their account up to a total of $200 in product credit (i.e. a maximum of ten invitations) when they use their unique Pass on the Savings Program URL (“Unique Program URL”) to invite friends or family members who are vapers or smokers and who are eligible to purchase smoking or vaping products in their jurisdiction of residence (“Invited Friend”) who (a) create their first account on by using the Participating Customer’s Unique Program URL and (b) make a purchase valued at over $25 (excluding shipping and taxes). Offer subject to change or cancellation at any time; Participating Customers or Invited Friends who have not received a credit by the time the program is changed or cancelled may no longer be eligible to participate in the offer.
  3. Invited Friends: By using the Unique Program URL to create their first account, Invited Friends will receive $20 in credit redeemable for products through their account (credit will be available through the Invited Friend’s My Account page). The credit will be valid for 30 calendar days from the date of issue and can be used with any order over $45 (excluding shipping and taxes). If an Invited Friend chooses to take advantage of this offer, the Participating Customer may become aware that they placed an order through
  4. Participating Customer: Participating Customers will receive $20 in credit redeemable on products through their account 14 calendar days after the Invited Friend registers using their Unique Program URL and places an order valued at over $25 (excluding shipping and taxes), provided that the order is not cancelled or refunded within that period. Credits will expire 180 calendar days from the date of issue. This offer may only be sent to friends or family members who are adult vapers or smokers and who would be open to receiving a Unique Program URL.
  5. Credits apply to product costs, cannot be combined: Participating Customer and Invited Friend credits apply to product costs and are not applicable to shipping, handling or taxes. Credits cannot be combined with other discounts, promotions or offers, except for Participating Customers who may combine multiple Participating Customer credits when making a purchase.
  6. Members ineligible for Pass on the Savings Program invitations: Friends and family members who have already created accounts are not eligible to participate in this offer as their accounts have been migrated to
  7. One account per person, for personal use only: This offer is presented in good faith to allow customers to share savings with their friends or family. Only one account is permitted per person in connection with this offer. is made available for personal purposes; resellers and retailers are ineligible for this offer. Eligibility for this offer and/or credits that have been issued may be cancelled if it is determined that (a) participation in this offer is not done in accordance with its terms, or (b) credits have been issued to an individual using more than one account, or who is a reseller or retailer, collectively in Imperial Tobacco Company Ltd.’s sole discretion.
Last updated on : October 28th 2020