Vape Pen ePod

The Vuse ePod is a system in compact design: height 10.3 cm; weight 23 gr.

It is puff-activated and is equipped with an all-day battery*.

Approximately 275 puffs per cartridge**.

Various fruitful Nic Salts flavours available for a more intense taste.***

*May vary depending on individual daily vaping usage
**Based on Vuse laboratory testing
***Vs. non-Nic Salt Vuse flavours


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What's in the box?

1 x ePod - device

1 x magnetic USB charger

1 x ePod - User Guide - Read Before Use

2 hours to fully charge

CE certified and examined by an independent third party in the UK.

Compact design. Length 10.3 cm. Weight 23 gr. No on and off button

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