The Vuse Factor

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Vuse has been strategically designed to function as your handy companion. It’s simple and user-friendly with the click n’ go activation and all-day battery (when fully charged and depending on usage). The ergonomic design ensures that it perfectly fits right in your palm, and its compact size is ideal for vaping on the move.  
Vusers don’t have to worry about dealing with leaking e-liquids since all of the flavour pods magnetically snap right into place. The mouthpiece is built directly into the top of the pod – it’s that easy. The puff activated closed system combined with its sleek aesthetic gives it a more refined feel.

There’s something for everyone with the variety of flavours so you can stick to your favourites or try something new. Vape away with Blushed Mango, Crisp Mint, Dark Cherry, Vanilla Medley and Golden Tobacco. 

Quality is never compromised. Devices and flavours are tested by industry experts and scientists to ensure the highest standards. Manufacturing excellence is always maintained and meets all international standards. 
There you have it – hassle-free, flavourful vaping with Vuse.