Extend the Battery Life of Your Vape with These Handy Tips

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Vapes are a part of everyday life for many and most vapes are battery operated. Although batteries for all types of vaping devices wear out over time, they do not wear out at the same speed. 
If given proper care, battery life of your vaping device can be enhanced substantially and your vape can last for many years. And with a few vital, but easy to implement hacks you can definitely achieve this. 
Here are some handy tips and advice for keeping your vape battery running as long as it can:

Storing Your Battery
The environment you live in can affect the battery life of your vaping device to some extent. Extreme temperatures—both hot and cold—and high humidity levels are not good for the battery life of your vaping device. For this reason, never store your batteries in areas that are exposed to direct sunlight, excessive heat and moisture as this can reduce the battery lifespan. Make sure to store batteries in a cool, dry and well-ventilated area. 
Charging Your Battery
Draining your battery completely also reduces its lifespan by increasing the total number of charge cycles the battery goes through. It is easier to charge a battery with a small amount of charge left in it than charging one that has no charge at all, therefore, speeding up charging times and extending the life of your battery. Also, using an unofficial charger could have a damaging effect on the battery life of your vaping device.
Unplugging Your Battery
Make sure to unplug the battery as soon as it becomes fully charged; doing this will prolong the life of your battery. Overcharging the battery will affect its capacity and can cause some wear down over time.
Maintaining Your Battery
It is important to clean all parts of your charger to extend the battery life of your vaping device. Cleaning it means, removing unwanted dirt and residue that might affect the performance of your vaping device. The cartridge and the battery threads should be thoroughly cleaned each time they’re put together or disassembled. You can use a Q-tip soaked with rubbing alcohol to wipe the outer part of the cartridge.
You can follow these simple tips to ensure maximum life and performance as far as batteries for vaping devices, such as e-shishas and MODs, are concerned.