Creative State Live

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The Creative State is a diverse community of thought provokers and idea makers. It’s a platform that fuels the drive for art, music and fashion. 

Featuring the region's best DJs
Its reach has been extended even further with the introduction of Creative State - Live. Creative State Live has become a new channel featuring musical collaborations with some of the region's best DJs. These virtual parties can be enjoyed from anywhere as the performers keep us uplifted through sound.

Pomme Rouge on Creative State Live X The Grand Factory

Every set has its own theme and a unique setting. It's a great way to enjoy some music while you vape. Every beat hits the right note immediately taking up the vibe wherever you are while elevating your mood. Since these events are streamed live, you can make a night of it with some friends as you each take in the scene from your location of choice. 
While we all express our creativity in different ways, music is most certainly a universal creative outlet that transcends all languages. Some of us may choose to display our individuality through our style or our art, in some instances you may be showcasing your different levels of creativity without even realizing it. It all begins with inspiration which leads to expression in its many forms. Join us at the Creative State as we push the boundaries together. Keep creating and stay inspired. Here’s a look back at some of our sessions, stay tuned for more! (Clips of Creative State Live to be included)