Que the Quality
8 min read
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We are always glad to see all our Vusers enjoying their experience. Part of this experience is consistently ensuring that our consumers have total peace of mind when it comes to quality. Managing every aspect of our Vuse products and their quality is a regulated process that we implement from start to finish. Of course – it all begins with an idea whether it’s a new flavour or how to make your Vuse-ing smooth and easy without any mess or fuss. Quality control is key every step of the way.
We make it a top priority to ensure that you always receive the highest standards and the best quality. Did you ever wonder about the entire process and where it all begins before your Vuse gets into your hands? We have a team of scientists working behind the scenes to bring you these carefully crafted flavour varieties so you can safely enjoy vaping. 
All our products, both the devices and e-liquids comply with international consumer safety standards and are rigorously tested and strictly regulated. In addition, every aspect is addressed to ensure proper sanitization measures are taken from manufacturing to packaging and even to Ecomm deliveries. 
We are committed to delivering quality across the board. Our practices are constantly reviewed and updated to ensure the highest standards at all times. We also have firm testing in place to guarantee the safety of all our products. Batteries, devices and e-liquids are high quality and thoroughly tested.
Of course, customers are always encouraged to use all products as intended and instructed and be sure to only purchase products from official Vuse sources. This means through our website or from our affiliates and specified retailers. Vuse continues to offer adult smokers and nicotine users an alternative to nicotine products through innovation and excellence.