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Accessories for your ePod2 Device
Charging Case
AED 100.0
Power on and keep charging with the new premium charging case.Compatible with ePod1 & ePod2
Vuse Fold
AED 55.0
Keep your vape and pods together in the sleek Vuse Fold.
Vuse Flip
AED 45.0
Make Vaping easy when you are on the go with the new Vuse Flip.
Vuse Grip
AED 15.0
Keep your devices together with the new Vuse Grip.
Vuse Slide
AED 35.0
Keep your device protected in the sleek new Vuse slide.
Vuse Epod Charger
AED 20.0
 Magnetic USB Charging Cable. Compatible with Epod 1 and Epod 2